March 29, 2010


Hey there baby girl,
Today you turn 3 months old. You have grown so much these past few months. You amaze me a little more each day. You haven't had your 3 month checkup yet so I can only guess on your stats. You have got to be at least 12 lbs (you're quite the eater!) and I am hoping that you got a few inches on you! Either way, you're getting bigger and it's noticable. Finally, shoes fit your feet! You rock it out with your pink hi-tops and dresses.  And mommy loves putting bows on you - you don't seem to mind either way. You're still in 0-3 months clothing but i'm slowly pulling out/buying your 3-6 months and some are fitting you. Your Easter dress was a 3-6 month dress and it fit you great! You've moved up to a size 2 diaper in the past week. You started eating more as well. You've gone from 5 oz every 3 hours to 6 oz every three hours. Sometimes, you're really nice to mommy and daddy and you sleep at least 6 hours at night straight through a feeding. You've gotten in the habit of waking up almost every morning at 7 am ready to eat and once you're done that swing (bless that swing, it's so helpful!) will rock you right back to sleep. Sometimes until 12 pm. That worries mommy. I'll get really close to you and make sure you're still breathing (because I'm a worrywart like that!). They say you aren't supposed to wake a sleeping baby so I never do. It seems to work out good because you still take naps throughout the day. You're not on a schedule yet, we figured we'd let you lead the way for awhile. If anything, we'll try to settle a bedtime routine but otherwise it's in your hands sweetie so please be kind to mommy and daddy (we like our peace and sleep too!). All this makes mommy want to cry. It may be small changes but it means you're leaving your itty bitty newborn stage. I'm so happy for you, but i'm a mommy and mommies get sad at these things. Your smile is getting bigger and better by the day. Nothing makes me happier then getting you up from your nap (or in the morning after bedtime) and you break out that grin to say "good morning mommy". That smile radiates my world. Daddy says you're going to be our explorer. Whenever you're in a new place, those big brown button eyes of yours pops open and you take everything in. You love seeing new people and new things. I'm just glad you like learning new things. Since you were born at the very end of the year, you get to have a whole year start to finish to experience. So far, you've had your 1st New Years, 1st Valentines Day, 1st St Patricks Day and coming up, your 1st Easter! This past weeked, we took you to your 1st Easter party. We know you didn't understand what it was but we're pretty sure you enjoyed it. You skipped your nap just to check out everything going on (i'm sure that easter bunny looked pretty funny to you!). You were a hit at that party. Someone took you from us the moment we got there and we didn't get you back until we left 3 hours later!

What's a hit with you?
People holding you! You love being held.
Going out for walks when it's nice out.
Eating. Those chubby cheeks + thighs are sooo cute!
Your poppa. He loved holding you on our trip to NC and you loved it too!
Daddy making cooky noises at you.
Mommy reading books to you.
Bathtime, usually!
Your hands. They are constantly in your mouth - sometimes both at the same time!

What's not a hit with you?
Most naps. You're too interested in everything else!
Playtime. I don't understand it but you aren't crazy about being put in the floor with a toy. You'll particpate for a few minutes then let us know loud and clear that you are done!
Having your bottle taken away.
Tummy time! But you need it so you gotta help mommy and daddy out!
Mommy trying to cradle you. Unless you want to fall asleep, we better have you sitting up looking around or you'll let us know we're wrong!

Little girl, I must end this letter now. You are still napping but I don't think it'll last long. Mommy has lots to do today! Thanks to reflux, laundry never ends! Thats okay, mommy would do anything for you. But, if you could talk to reflux for me and tell it to chill out we'd all be pleased!

From the depths of my heart, i'm so in love with you.


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