March 31, 2010

grandma + poppa's daily photo

She's being such a good girl hanging out (on her tummy, mom!) while I eat lunch.

She's watching Yo Gabba Gabba. Yeah, I know, those judgemental mommies probably have something to say but I need food and she needs tummy time. Why not give her something brightly colored and not completely mind-numbing for her to look at? But, I did give her a mirror to stare into as well.

I think she's done with tummy time and being patient now...


  1. macie has such an unhealthy hatred of tummy time! she screams like i'm killing her and then promptly flips herself right over.

  2. Isn't it the worst then they don't like tummy time? Her boppy helps alot and as she's getting older she seems to tolerate it more, but in the beginning? No such luck! She would scream the minute I put her down.


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