March 5, 2010


Hey there, sunshine, lift my heart
I know life is long but it goes so fast
Oh, make some big jumps, big jumps
You hold your head up, your head up high
Like you think I do

fingers. yum!

i'm looking good in my pink seat (:

I might be throwing up but I can hold my head high!
haha, i know everyone wanted a picture of baby spitup (:

And, when I didn't have a camera or a cell anywhere within reach, she took grasp of a toy and put it to her mouth. First. Time. Ever.
And x2, when I put her in her pink seat and clapped because she was doing so good she gave me the grin of all grins!
I am smitten with this little girl.

After all this fun playtime, she was exhausted.

itty bitty feet.


  1. Gotta love the baby spit up. My daughter would do that JUST as I was about to take a great picture of her in a new outfit. :)

  2. Oh, spit up! It's a nemisis in our household. Always come right as I put on every outfit.


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