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March 31, 2010

She's being such a good girl hanging out (on her tummy, mom!) while I eat lunch.

She's watching Yo Gabba Gabba. Yeah, I know, those judgemental mommies probably have something to say but I need food and she needs tummy time. Why not give her something brightly colored and not completely mind-numbing for her to look at? But, I did give her a mirror to stare into as well.

I think she's done with tummy time and being patient now...
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grandma + poppa's daily photo

March 30, 2010

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playtime + tummy time
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March 29, 2010

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Hey there baby girl,
Today you turn 3 months old. You have grown so much these past few months. You amaze me a little more each day. You haven't had your 3 month checkup yet so I can only guess on your stats. You have got to be at least 12 lbs (you're quite the eater!) and I am hoping that you got a few inches on you! Either way, you're getting bigger and it's noticable. Finally, shoes fit your feet! You rock it out with your pink hi-tops and dresses.  And mommy loves putting bows on you - you don't seem to mind either way. You're still in 0-3 months clothing but i'm slowly pulling out/buying your 3-6 months and some are fitting you. Your Easter dress was a 3-6 month dress and it fit you great! You've moved up to a size 2 diaper in the past week. You started eating more as well. You've gone from 5 oz every 3 hours to 6 oz every three hours. Sometimes, you're really nice to mommy and daddy and you sleep at least 6 hours at night straight through a feeding. You've gotten in the habit of waking up almost every morning at 7 am ready to eat and once you're done that swing (bless that swing, it's so helpful!) will rock you right back to sleep. Sometimes until 12 pm. That worries mommy. I'll get really close to you and make sure you're still breathing (because I'm a worrywart like that!). They say you aren't supposed to wake a sleeping baby so I never do. It seems to work out good because you still take naps throughout the day. You're not on a schedule yet, we figured we'd let you lead the way for awhile. If anything, we'll try to settle a bedtime routine but otherwise it's in your hands sweetie so please be kind to mommy and daddy (we like our peace and sleep too!). All this makes mommy want to cry. It may be small changes but it means you're leaving your itty bitty newborn stage. I'm so happy for you, but i'm a mommy and mommies get sad at these things. Your smile is getting bigger and better by the day. Nothing makes me happier then getting you up from your nap (or in the morning after bedtime) and you break out that grin to say "good morning mommy". That smile radiates my world. Daddy says you're going to be our explorer. Whenever you're in a new place, those big brown button eyes of yours pops open and you take everything in. You love seeing new people and new things. I'm just glad you like learning new things. Since you were born at the very end of the year, you get to have a whole year start to finish to experience. So far, you've had your 1st New Years, 1st Valentines Day, 1st St Patricks Day and coming up, your 1st Easter! This past weeked, we took you to your 1st Easter party. We know you didn't understand what it was but we're pretty sure you enjoyed it. You skipped your nap just to check out everything going on (i'm sure that easter bunny looked pretty funny to you!). You were a hit at that party. Someone took you from us the moment we got there and we didn't get you back until we left 3 hours later!

What's a hit with you?
People holding you! You love being held.
Going out for walks when it's nice out.
Eating. Those chubby cheeks + thighs are sooo cute!
Your poppa. He loved holding you on our trip to NC and you loved it too!
Daddy making cooky noises at you.
Mommy reading books to you.
Bathtime, usually!
Your hands. They are constantly in your mouth - sometimes both at the same time!

What's not a hit with you?
Most naps. You're too interested in everything else!
Playtime. I don't understand it but you aren't crazy about being put in the floor with a toy. You'll particpate for a few minutes then let us know loud and clear that you are done!
Having your bottle taken away.
Tummy time! But you need it so you gotta help mommy and daddy out!
Mommy trying to cradle you. Unless you want to fall asleep, we better have you sitting up looking around or you'll let us know we're wrong!

Little girl, I must end this letter now. You are still napping but I don't think it'll last long. Mommy has lots to do today! Thanks to reflux, laundry never ends! Thats okay, mommy would do anything for you. But, if you could talk to reflux for me and tell it to chill out we'd all be pleased!

From the depths of my heart, i'm so in love with you.

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March 26, 2010

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Some days I can rock it. I can have the house clean, the baby taken care of, be showered + dressed in something other than yoga pants + a tee and still get an great meal on the table. Of course, that kind of day doesn't happen often. Then some days I shouldn't even be allowed in the kitchen. Last night was one of those nights.

Manny was being funny and asking me if I was going to blog about it while laughing at me so here you go. I'm blogging. Laugh again, babe!

I had full intention yesterday of taking advantage of my beloved crockpot so that I could do a little shopping with Lia and not worry about dinner when we got back home. I did take advantage of my crockpot. I just forget a step or two. I didn't even realize I had forgotten anything until Manny came home and I got up to check my yum-o cubed steak w/gravy. All I could do when I took off the lid and saw two sad, shriveled up, charcoaled pieces of meat was laugh! I had ruined dinner and it was funny. Sitting right beside the crockpot was the package of onion soup mix I was supposed to add with 1 cup of water. What happens when you cook meat in a crock pot with no liquids for 3-4 hours? A fiasco. I was really looking forward to those steaks too... My crockpot looked really sad and burnt. I threw that bad boy in the dishwasher. Being a procrastinator and someone with a bad memory (obviously) I haven't unloaded it yet. Here's hoping it got clean without my elbow grease.

Now, it just wouldn't be right if I only had one fiasco last night. Because of the shriveled meat thing, dinner was takeout from Texas Roadhouse. Manny was already going to get salad from there so we just added an order of cheese fries and called it dinner. Healthy, huh? We also watched The Biggest Loser while chowing down on those cheese fries drenched in ranch. At the exact time contestant Ashley was talking about how she missed ranch dressing. If that doesn't make you feel like a fat-o, I don't know what will do it. I've noticed a trend, I'm always stuffing my face when watching that show. Anyone else do that too? But back to my 2nd fiasco. Manny wanted boiled eggs for the salad and told me he was putting some on the stove while he went to get dinner. I took a mental note of that and was off the feed + change Lia. She ended up falling asleep in my arms right after her feeding so I was flipping through tv channels. Then it hit me. THE EGGS! I jumped up and headed to the kitchen (as well as any mama holding her sleeping baby can) and turned off the burner. They were hard boiled eggs, alright. Burnt hard boiled eggs. Inedible hard boiled eggs. That's when I quit. No more "me in the kitchen" tonight. I was only going to do more damage then good. Of course, when Manny got home he said he figured i'd burn the eggs and he thought about texting me to remind me. Next time, text me (:

Nights like this are going to happen. Alot. My super-ness varies day to day. I could have cryed about ruining dinner and kicked myself for not having everything done right, but why? It's just shriveled meat. To be honest, I probablly will cry over shriveled meat at some point in time, but i'll try to remember the point of this post. We, as mothers, can't always do everything right + perfect. We are going to make mistakes and have off days. But as long as we can laugh at ourselves, we'll be just fine.
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grandma + poppa's daily photo

March 25, 2010

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Pretty baby ready for spring!
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what i've learned from motherhood

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Being a first time mom is a big deal. A really big deal. My life has been turned around, flipped upside down and occasionally thrown to the sharks. Each day is something different + new. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Sometimes so wrong you need to laugh to keep from crying. The funny thing is that at the end of the day, no matter what kind of day it was or how frustrated or tired or smelly I may be from a lack of showers, I wouldn't change it for the world. I love being a mother. No, I don't love it. I lurve it! I lurve it so much I use the word lurve (not that it's a real word, you know). Being a mother is amazing. It makes me a better person. It shows me new things. Sometimes, you just need to look back and laugh at those things. I'm going to write a post, about once a week, on the new things I've learned since I joined the club of other super-mama cape wearing women. I tell Manny i'm superwoman quite often now that I'm become a mom!

Motherhood musings*
  • Take advantage of naptimes (i'm still learning that one)
  • Baby pee can reek. Warning, if she's taken a 5 hour long nap after a feeding there may be a diaper blowout. It will smell rechid. I suggest using gloves to take off those pee-soaked clothing and wash right away. Leaving them in the hamper because you are busy bathing + feeding the baby will cause the odor to spread. Air fresheners will be your best friend.
  • Baby talk about poopy diapers makes her smile.
  • Never thought I'd baby talk about poopy diapers!
  • Baby puke is inevitable. Yoga pants + tees? Thats okay. Nice going-out outfit? Doesn't make mama so happy. Change your clothes after everything + everyone else is ready and you plan to be walking out of the house in the next 5 minutes. This will give you the best chance of walking out non-pukish. Usually
  • Laundry will never be done. She may only be 12lbs (give or take) but she's got an amazing talent of projectile vomiting. Her timing isn't bad either. It's always on a fresh outfit.
  • People like to give unsolicited advice. Sometimes, they aren't even parents. Really, so if I just rub her back bottom to top she'll burp? Just like that! After i've been patting her back for 5 minutes straight. Who knew it was that easy? And my daughter has a blanket over her face? Hmm, I totally forgot I loosely tucked a blanket over my daughter while carrying her into the building because it's windy and cold outside. I'm such a doof.
  • Blog posts will be interuppted. They make a nifty little "save now" button. Use it!
  • You'll probably (at least once) have to pee while holding your kiddo. I read this funny blog recently and thought "poor girl, but that is funny". Then it happened to me this week. Only in my house because her swing was in the wash (from the pee blowout) and she was only quiet in the sling. I really wouldn't have been able to hold it long enough to unstrap her completely then run her upstairs to her crib. Expect the unexpected.
* These musings were much better written in my head at 3 am last night. I layed in bed deciding if I should get back up after just putting the baby to bed so I could jot down this post I had bubbling away in my brain or should I choose sleep. If you guessed sleep, well you're right. I'm happy that I am well-rested, but I am a little bummed I can't remember my post. The trials of a blogger.
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grandma + poppa's daily photo

March 24, 2010

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I think i'll try to eat both hands this time!

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You know, the ranting + raving kind. This one won't really be too ranty/ravy but you'll get the point.

Did you ever have one of those weeks? The kind where you just fill overwhelmed + frustrated + though you know you are lucky for everything you have you are still mad as heck? I'm having one. And it's only Wednesday.

Lia is having her meltdown issues. I guess thats where the bad week started. How can something so cute be so loud? Being a first-time mom, I'm sure I am overexagerating her meltdowns for normal crankiness but I really do feel her crankiness has been cranked up a notch lately.
Then the dog + cat. Oh my, they are on my. last. nerve. I was watching "Marley and Me" yesterday and I totally connected with Jennifer Aniston's character when she said get rid of the dog. Toby has already woken Lia up from her nap today. He refuses to do his business in the backyard anymore (except he'll gladly poop on the back porch in just the spot where we're probablly going to step in it) and makes me put him on a leash and take him out in the front yard. If I didn't put him on a leash, he'd go chasing something and once again I'd be running through the complex chasing him chasing a cat. Or a bird. Or a person. Or sometimes, a leaf. Yeah, a leaf. He's a weird one. Are all dachshunds this way? He barks at every little thing. Before Lia, I dealt with it. Now, she needs her sleep as much as I need her to get her sleep and Mr. Tobes is not working with us on that. And the cat. She's already been on my last nerve so long she could just look at me and annoy me. Don't get me wrong, i'm not mean to my pets. Or am I some kind of cat hater. I really don't want hate mail from you animal over-lovers. I tryed putting the cat up for adoption on craigs*lists (with my own good reasons which I explained) and I got hatemail. You know craigs*list has some crazies filling up those pages. One person actually told me I'm so horrible I should give my kid up for adoption and keep the pet? Seriously? It's a cat.
Then, there's the late work hours Manny is doing. Okay, not late. I'm spoiled because I am used to him coming home earlier, but can't a girl want her hubby home early? He's stressed when he gets home and I'm stressed when he gets home. Then there's not a lot of quality time spent together - we get annoyed quickly. Then there's the clutter. We're outgrowing this house. I'm waiting patiently inpatiently for a warm weekend to have a yardsale and get rid of crap driving me nuts. I don't like clutter. It's taking up much needed space. It erks me.

Okay, so my week doesn't seem too bad but it's my blog so I get to say it is.
On a happier note, it's the first sunny day this week and so far my day hasn't been too bad. Other than Toby waking up Lia but what are you gonna do? Oh, and we almost lost the screen door this morning (the wind is terrible today) but all is well that ends well. I'm off to finish the laundry + dishes + other fun domestic stuff.

Wishes for a happy wednesday!
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grandma + poppa's daily photo

March 23, 2010

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Got milk?
This is how Lia looks after eating (:
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a little something on friday - monday edition

March 22, 2010

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Since I was on vacation in NC on Friday, I forgot about the weekly 'a little something on friday' post. I'm posting it today instead.

(l-o-v-e this kitchen)

Photo credit
photo 1 + 2 - That Is All
photo 3 + 4 - Just Be Splendid
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pictures + a blog party

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I've decided to take part in the 2010 Ultimate Blog Party! It looks like a great way to scope out other great blogs and get my little piece of the blogosphere noticed. It's all good fun (: Check it out over at 5 Minutes for Mom.
Ultimate Blog Party 2010

And now, for the pictures I promised.

You can see we're having meltdown issues. Maybe the missing sock started it that day?

We certainly enjoyed the 75+ weather NC was having!

Give us a park, a waterfront, + a sunny day and we're one happy family.

Daddy + his beautiful baby girl ♥

Toby + Lia bonding. Yeah, we photograph our dog + kiddo together.

Lia + her poppa napping.

We had a great, extra long weekend. I hope you all enjoyed yours. Its back to Monday-ness and the meltdowns continue.
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I don't know if all babies go through a meltdown period at 3 months old or if Manny + I are just really, really lucky (note the sarcasm. it's dripping in it). Okay, we are lucky. Very lucky. Out of all the babies we've known to be born around the time Lia was, most of them are/were sick. We thank our lucky stars everytime we look at our precious baby girl that she's here and she's healthy. We will go through heck and back for her, no second thoughts. That doesn't mean we don't get aggravated at times. It doesn't mean we don't want to vent sometimes, even if we feel guilty for it. I speak "we" because I think he feels the same as I do, i'm not talking for him. But back to the meltdowns. We took Lia on a roadtrip to North Carolina to visit her grandma + poppa and meet her uncle matt for the first time (my side of the family). It's a 10-12 hour ride, I think it took us 10 hours this time around. A last minute decision to drive through the night put us leaving here around 11 pm Wednesday night. Driving through the night ensured darkness meaning Lia would probably sleep the whole way. She did! Most of it minus a couple feedings. She stayed in her carseat a better part of the 10 hour drive. It probably wasn't the best for her but it was dark + cold + kind of creepy in those rest areas that late at night. Lia's first meltdown started about an hour away from my parent's house. She screamed and screamed and finally quieted down after a bottle and her paci. Once we got to my parent house, we ended up in the car driving another hour (2 hours roundtrip) to surprise my dad + brother at the jobsite they were working on. The second meltdown started on the way. She screamed her little heart out, no matter what Manny did to calm her. He ended up letting her cry it out (we'll get to that later). I chalked it all up to being in the carseat so long on the ride to NC. She had a few more little meltdowns during the trip. Still, I chalked it up to long ride and not being at home and having the normalness that home entails. For the ride back, we left a little later (2 am) but still I figured we'd get at least 5 good hours of darkness for Lia to sleep. She woke up for a feeding a little after 7 am. 5 hours, awesome! After that, not so awesome. She was cranky. She was fussy. She had her good moments and then she had her bad moments. At one point, we stopped on the side of the road and I squeezed in the back seat between the Lia + stinky Toby in his stinky kennel (and he still has't had his bath!) to try and calm her down. She did end up falling alseep for awhile and the trip got a little easier. I took the wheel so Manny could nap or relax (he can't really nap while i'm driving, he isn't used to being the passenger lol) and all was good. Lia had a few more of her moments but nothing horrible. Then we hit Manhattan. The dreaded hour from home. Cue the meltdown. The screaming. The tears. The loud noises like she's choking on air. I tryed feeding her. It worked. For the 2 minutes she was sucking down the bottle. The screaming started up again. I leaned over the seat countless times to rub her head and put her paci in her mouth. My hard work didn't go far. Nothing I did comforted her. NYPD was everywhere so I couldn't lean over the back as much as I needed. We let her cry it out. I hate that term. I hate all the crap it comes with. The big argument of whether to let your baby "cry it out" erks me. I don't like letting Lia cry it out. It seems mean and i'm a sucker. I can't sit there and see her so upset and not pick her up. That doesn't mean I think parents who let their babies cry it out are heartless, by any means. It's every parents choice how they raise their kids. I respect other parents + as return, I hope they respect me. But, like I said, i'm weak. I pick Lia up when she's crying. It probably shows her I'll always do it, but i'm her mom. Of course, I'll always do it. After this trip though, i've let Lia cry it out. Twice. We had another meltdown yesterday and today. Yesterday, we resorted to the great outdoors. We tryed the stroller and she wasn't having any part in that. The neighbors probably thought we were horrible parents who couldn't shut their kid up. Who cares? But in an attempt to calm her down, I did pick her up and rocked her around the block until her screams ended and she fell alseep. Back at home, I tryed laying her down in her crib to sleep. Fat chance of that happening. Cue the screaming and the tears. I ended up feeding her a little while after that and then passed her over to Manny with the sling. She was wide awake despite needing a nap. She did fall asleep in the sling and then later in my arms as I rocked her in bed and then later again in her swing while Manny + I caught up with our DVR. However, I think bedtime was rough. Manny took it and I haven't had time to talk to him other than kisses + wishes for a good day while he was on his way out the door but I do remember some screams last night. She was doing good with bedtime for a while too. I took over this morning around  7 am when Manny left for work and Lia took her bottle and a few minutes later fell alseep on her own - no tears or screaming needed. Of course, I knew that wasn't a sign the day was going to be easy. It was just an easy morning. She woke up around 9:30 or so,ate around 10, and was quiet for a little while. Then the meltdown happened. I sat her every which way, I tryed the swing, I layed her down and rubbed her head. I considered the outdoors but it's a dreary + gray, chilly day. Walking her around over my shoulder helped. I started loading her bottles in the dishwasher while holding her and she did good. Then I had to put her down so I could run out to my car quickly and after that she just kept screaming. I left her crying in her swing while I finished with the dishwasher. She was still screaming and I had all intentions of picking her up until I had a thought. She's going to scream either way. She won't let me rock her to sleep right now (i had tryed a few times). What normally works isn't working today. So I let her cry. A bit later (I wasn't timing, but I could guess 10 minutes or so), she had cryed herself to sleep. It breaks my heart. It literally hurts me to hear her so upset and not be able to fix it. I can assume what I think she needs and try to give it to her, but even when I'm right, my attempts can fail. I guess sometimes they just need to cry and figure it out themselves. I don't think I could handle her crying it out every time but I guess I now realize it isn't going to cause damage and make her think she isn't wanted (whats with baby articles saying if you let a baby cry it out he/she is going to feel unwanted?!?). I understand she could feel unwanted if we never helped her, but I don't think I (or any of you) should feel bad for letting them cry sometimes, if nothing else works. I hope Lia's meltdowns are just a stage. As Manny said, he hopes her meltdowns happen now and when we hit the "terrible 2's" she'll be an angel! Either way, we are so blessed to have her in our lives but sometimes a momma just has to let it out.

Wow. Long post. Let me say this though, we did really enjoy our trip to NC! I loved seeing Lia bond with my parents and brother. Her poppa is absolutely smitten with her. I'll post pictures soon! We had good family time and enjoyed some very yummy food we can't get around these parts and I got to catch up with a couple friends. Oh, and I scored quite a bit of good deals yardsaling with my mom. All in all, a great weekend trip. Counting down the days until the next one in June where Lia will be meeting her Aunt Shell!

On a more serious note, I want to send my familys condolences to Mrs P and her beautiful baby girl. She lost her husband and baby Ariana's daddy in Afganistan last week. I can't imagine the pain and sorrow she is feeling right now but she's going through it with grace and strength. I am so thankful I still have my hero here with me + Lia. Even though I don't know her personally (I follow her blog), a story like this hasn't hit quite so close to home before this. We're the same age and our baby girls are only a few weeks apart. She is going through every military wife's biggest fear. The online community of military gals + guys has really come together and showed their support for them. I just wanted to share this because she is going to need everyone's thoughts + prayers to help her get through this. I'm so very thankful for every person out there fighting for our freedom and I will be forever grateful to them (including my husband!).

Just because you don't support the war doesn't mean you can't support the troops.

Be on the lookout later for pictures and please, keep Mrs P in your thoughts + prayers!
And, if you wanna be nice and click the links if you want to vote for me @ topmommyblogs + topbabyblogs, i'd be really happy (:

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March 19, 2010

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The surpise is Lia's @ grandma's house! Manny & I decided to surprise my parents and drive all through the night to arrive in North Carolina thursday morning. It's a quick weekend trip but so nice to get back to my original home for a bit and let Lia bond with her grandma + poppa.

Yesterdays photo (Mar 18)
Grumpy face. Wet onesie. Missing sock. Rough day, baby girl?

Todays photo (Mar 19)
Just hangin' out at the park. It was sunny so she needed momma's shades (:
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grandma + poppa's daily photo

March 17, 2010

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you can't tell but she's rockin the mohawk again (:
and her pink hi-tops looked so cute with the dress but those didn't make it to picture time!
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grandma + poppa's daily photo

March 16, 2010

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partial mohawk, check. cool onesie, check.
she's one cool kiddo.
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grandma + poppa's daily photo

March 15, 2010

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Can you believe she's going to be 11 weeks old tomorrow? I can't. It's flying by faster than I want it to. She misses + loves her grandma and poppa.

I'll try my best to post a picture every day. But you might have to call me and remind that you miss it (:
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Hope you all had a good weekend. The rain + storm put a slight damper on things but overall it was good. A family dinner with some tasty food and good times (my chicken fingers made me the best aunt ever!) + a little shopping at Ikea + lunch out with my two loves.

Over the past, say week or so, i've had a few posts brewing around. Well, not so much posts as things I wanted to mention. So i'll throw it all in here. Sort of a pot luck of blogs, if you will.

Flowers for Layla.
Let me tell you. When I said I didn't have a green thumb, even I didn't fully know how un-green my thumb is. Other than the trenches of rain putting a slight damper on the whole planting flowers idea, Home Depot is also very unstocked in pretty plants. The idea of planting seeds sent a panic through my mind. Which seeds are appropriate for pots in the house? What amount of sunlight do I need? How do I take care of them without killing them? There are no directions on those innocent little packets of seeds explaining what do to do when you don't have a slightest idea about what your messing with and you just want to plant something inside. I nixed that idea. Whew. So I thought, okay. No big deal. I'll buy a plant that is already grown and just repot it. Repotting counts as planting right? At least, its the thought that counts, I say. If the flower is already alive, it's got a jump on things. Fast forward through no plants (indoors or outdoors) to be had, I find myself in Stop + Shop for groceries and find my way to the floral section. Tulips! Pretty, check. Already growing, check. Easy care instructions, check. Fast foward a day later through a trip to ikea for a pot and then sending Manny back to Home Depot that night after I realized I needed potting soil (okay, I didn't realize it, Manny told me I needed it) and you get this!

I think i'll add "how to plant flowers without looking like i'm stupid" on my bucket list.

Now, on to a recipe. I only have a picture of the final product. One day, I will have a new "real" camera. Yeah, anything I own not up to par isn't "real". Said "real" camera will inspire me to take the extra time and photograph the whole process. I will warn you now, that gets messy.

Funnelcakes. Oh my 'lanta. Yum-O. In case you want to try this recipe, I didn't bother to find a funnel because a trip to the Autozone wasn't going to prolong me from having my fried, greasy, but oh so good dessert. I (and by I, full credit goes to Manny) used a measuring cup with a spout. It worked good enough.

Organized kitchen counters + junk drawers. Let me explain, I dream of clean + organized spaces. In my house, everything has a home. Manny jokes me about it but seriously everything needs it's own home to live in. I get that from my mom. Organization still doesn't come easy to me. I'm no Martha Stewart like my sister or cleaning lover like my mom. If things would clean + organize themselves I'd be one happy gal. Since I live on planet earth not planet kristy, it doesn't seem to happen. I do the best I can doing it myself. Kitchen counters and "junk" drawers are the bane of my kitchen. Everyone has a junk drawer. Why is it even called a junk drawer? If it were junk, everyone in America + who knows where else wouldn't find it neccessary to have one. Or a few more than one. I have two. I'd have more if I had the drawers for it. To the point, I got tired of looking at the crap and organized it. It's not a work of art but it looks a little nicer.

All the papers won't be staying there, that's just the holder for stuff to get filed away. Okay, I hope they won't be staying there. For too long.



Sorry for the rather long + rambl-y post. Many thanks if you actually read it. Unless you're my hubby - I know you find everything I say worth listening to (your falling out of your chair laughing right now, aren't you?).

Hope everyone has a very happy un-Monday like Monday.
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yummy caramel + a cute kid

March 12, 2010

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Stumbling through all the great recipes over at The Pioneer Woman's blog I found freaking amazing homemade caramel sauce. Yes, those are the exact words Manny + I uttered when we first tryed it. Freaking. Amazing.

It is alongside a yummy looking ice cream pie in the recipe but tonight called for something easy. Like brownies. But I wanted something extra. For once, not chocolate. I know, crazy. Since Manny loves caramel and can never find it on McD's sundaes anymore (what's up with that?) I decide to make some. Great decision on my part (:

Now for the cute kiddo pictures. She wasn't really into the whole camera idea so this is all I got.

Her onesie says "Rub my belly for luck". So, I did. Then she projectile vomited all over me + her + the sofa + the floor. How's that for luck?

First family photo. We didn't get around to taking it until now. Shame on us.

Now i'm off to some friday night fun-ness of laundry.
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a little something on friday

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A little something on Friday is going to be a weekly post showing a little something every Friday. Ingenious, huh? Anything I come across that really is just a little something that makes you smile + pulls at your heartstrings + inpsires you. Wouldn't a bit of all that be a fun start to the weekend? Especially when it is cold and drab outside. I'm not feeling the cold. I hate coats + putting on socks + shoes that cover my feet.

Back to the somethin' somethin'.

Images from That is all.

Enjoy your weekend, lovelies. I plan on making the most of it. A little un-fun but needs to be done stuff and family dinner a la Kristy. Don't forget, plant your flowers for Layla. You can read about it here.
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March 11, 2010

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Layla Grace passed away Tuesday. I'm sure everyone already following her story has heard. If you haven't followed her story, you can read it here.

The (in my mind) inspiring and funny Harpers Happenings has decided to plant flowers for layla and is spreading it across the blogosphere. I want to do my small part and blog about it.

It's supposed to be rainy this weekend, so I think i'll stop by the local Home Depot and pick up something simple + pretty that I can plant or even replant in a small pot and keep inside the house. I am no green thumb and I want to do this little girl some justice so that is why I am considering "replanting". But for you green thumbers, go all out.

I think the purpose is just to honor this sweet little girl. For me, the flower is going to serve as a purpose of hope + inspiration. And to remember how lucky I am that my little girl is still with me and is happy + healthy + the joy of my life.

So, get your planting on. Pictures please!

Button from Harpers Happenings.
Right click + save to your computer.
Then (I used to upload and get the code.
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the bachelor + love + being sappy

March 10, 2010

As usual, i'm a few days late but I just finished watching The Bachelor Molly + Jason's Wedding. I had mixed reviews at first. The wound from Jason + Melissa lingered a bit, but i'm a grown woman and it's not like it actually affects my life (ha!) and everyone seems happy so I DVDred the show. I'm such a sap. I almost started crying when Jason did. The whole thing was beautiful. And her dress. Oh my. Beautiful. Stunning. Fun! And I loved how Gavin Degraw played their first dance. I always liked his music. It all got me thinking back to my wedding. Not all that long ago. May will make 3 years! 3 amazing years with the most favorite and fun person in my life.

Oh, this is the start of something good
Don't you agree?
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{technical difficulties and surpises}

March 9, 2010

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**Big thanks to Mrs. Muffins for helping me with the video (:

I stayed true to my word - this blog does indeed contain the suprise. It was supposed to make its way yesterday but me not knowing how to pull videos from the handycam caused some delays. And me having to open a youtube account because I really thought I could post videos through blogger in a blog caused some delays. And youtube being slow caused some delays.

But fret no longer, here it is!

Please ignore how annoying my voice sounds and the fact that the house sounds like a pet shop. Enjoy (:

P.S. I really wanted the video to show up here instead of a link to youtube. Anyone care to share how to do that?
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March 8, 2010

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Mom - sorry I miss days but here's to make up for it!

hands are yummy!

sitting up is fun!

its blurry but look how high that head is!


happy baby!

what do you see?

central park.

P.S. Stay tuned for a special little something. Hint- you'll see Lia's smile in a whole new way (:
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The weather was incredibly beautiful this weekend! 50's, sunny, blue skies - it's so nice to know spring is still going to come around (: Winter was just too harsh this year. We kind of wasted the great weather on Saturday cleaning up and doing some errands but we made up for it on Sunday. We got Lia and Toby dressed warmly and headed out to Central Park! It. Was. Gorgeous. We had such a fun time. Toby loved being outside and walking his little heart out. Manny ended up carrying him in the end and he may have loved that even more! Lia slept most of the time, of course (:  I'm pretty sure she enjoyed the time she was awake though. This is the first time she's been out out, other than to and from the car for errands and such. After a few hotdogs, a couple pictures, and a sleepy baby later we had an such a great and successful family day out! I can't wait for spring to really hit us so we can have more park time! Manny and I just get wrapped up in doing other things when we're home and on weekends that we don't do alot of quality family time like yesterday. We're going to try for more because really, we had a great time!

Toby enjoying Central Park - he had one leg on M & one leg on me. Ca-uttte!

Now, it's back to the everyday days. It's supposed to be nice today so maybe I'll get Lia outside for a walk. The fresh air will do both of us some good. And, if i'm feeling especially confident, I might attempt to walk Toby too. We realized at the park that Toby being so small and liking to walk infront of the stroller could cause a few caustrophies!

Well, i've got things to do. I'm trying to keep ontop of the boring household things to do instead of spending my down time catching up with lovely family and bloggers! Plus, my new phone is coming today and you know i'm going to want to play with it!

Happy Monday!
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March 7, 2010

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Lia's 1st trip to central park (:

Mommy & Lia ♥

Lia playing with her toys!
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March 5, 2010

Hey there, sunshine, lift my heart
I know life is long but it goes so fast
Oh, make some big jumps, big jumps
You hold your head up, your head up high
Like you think I do

fingers. yum!

i'm looking good in my pink seat (:

I might be throwing up but I can hold my head high!
haha, i know everyone wanted a picture of baby spitup (:

And, when I didn't have a camera or a cell anywhere within reach, she took grasp of a toy and put it to her mouth. First. Time. Ever.
And x2, when I put her in her pink seat and clapped because she was doing so good she gave me the grin of all grins!
I am smitten with this little girl.

After all this fun playtime, she was exhausted.

itty bitty feet.
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