February 18, 2010

where does the time go?

I know, I've been missing a few days. Did anyone miss my ramblings?

Days seem to just fly by in the V household. You'd be surpised how quick you lose time when you measure it in 3 hour feedings. Then you have a HUGE to-do list that is eating away at you and the baby is napping (for the second time today, woohoo!) and you can't tear yourself away from blogging. Bad habits, bad habits.

The house is looking more in order these days. Chipmunk is a normal member of the fam now and we're all used to her. We still learn new things all the time, but it's not so difficult to juggle things as the first few weeks. She's seven weeks now. Can you believe it? No? I can't either. She's growing so stinkin' fast. I love eating up her chubby cheeks. She's becoming quite the chunker and loves eating! Everything about her makes my day brighter - even on the cloudiest, dreariest winter day!

I'm determined to get in control of my body and health! I lost most of the baby weight right after birth and since I didn't gain much during the pregnancy, i'm sure my body looks smaller than it did pre-pregnancy. But i'm not happy with it. The few pounds are slowly creaping back on, and yes, they are only a couple of pounds but I don't want anything to do with them. I just have to learn to eat good (these days, I rarely get 3 meals a day) and stop counting M&Ms as breakfast. Thats a gigando no-no! Do other moms have this problem - I can't be the only one eating candy for breakfast, right?! I have to figure out a way to balance exercising and still getting in time with family. I know we have the weekends, but after a long day with just me and chipmunk i'm excited for M to come home and spend time with us. I can't have both though and I am thinking my health and body happiness is probablly what I should aim for. So babe, maybe i'll join the gym after all.

Now i'm off to whip this house into shape! Okay okay, I know M will call me out on that when he gets home, so i'm off to whip some part of this house into shape (:

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