February 26, 2010

snow day.

Day 6
Don't you love how they cut exactly half of the tree off? I find it interesting and unique, but kind of cruel to butcher the tree like that.

Snow days are great. When you're a kid, they can be magical.
But this snow day. It sucks. M isn't here to have the day off. L is way too small to enjoy the snow. And Toby (our dachshund) refuses to go outside. Plus, L still has a cough and i'm nice and sick now too. I guess I should look on the bright side, I got my electricity back. And, a snow covered branch didn't fall on me and kill me. How terrible is that? Can you imagine walking through Central Park and a branch falls and kills you? A passerby found the man dead sometime later.

If anyone is from the tri-state area, do you watch Pix11 news? Very funny team. Every snow storm, they put a desk equipped with a phone, computer, and mini snowman outside on the street. In the snow. Poor weather guy, haha. Must be cold (:

What to do on this snow day? Snow days are meant to be cherished. Hard to do when it feels like any other day, only you're trapped indoors by snow. Maybe i'll bake cookies with my bug. And read my book. But I have a good feeling i'll finish my picking up from the past two cleaning days. I just don't think I can relax and have a good snow day if i have piles of stuff out of place.

Babe, i'm keeping my fingers crossed that you pass your test and make it home safe tonight. We ♥ and miss you!

If you're lucky enough to have a snow day with your loved ones, enjoy it!

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