February 8, 2010

naked baby.

first off, look how big she has gotten!
my teeny tiny girl isn't so teeny tiny.

Lia, oh Lia! How she makes such a mess. Her clothes don't last one whole minute on her, so i've come to decide why even put clothes on her? I'll make a stockpile of blankets (oh, if only i have a base thrift store to shop at locally) and just bundle her up. Those are way easier to deal with then wet soggy clothes. And yes, it may be winter & freezing out, but our house has a heater. And a naked baby wrapped up in blankets is far warmer than a baby wearing soggy, milky clothes. Agree?

My clothes don't last long either. I don't think i've actually worn an outfit, since the day she was brought home, that she hasn't spit up on. And her spitting up isn't just the occasional milk drooling out of her mouth. It's not forceful, projectile crazy stuff - but it's enough to soak her bib and shirt and sometimes enough to land on her pants. And if i'm burping her when she does it, it ends up in her hair, nose and eyes. This baby doesn't need daily baths - she needs hourly baths!

I can't keep her clean - so i'll keep her naked.

On to other Lia-ness...
She still hasn't had her hip sono done. For now, we've got an appt for Wednesday. Fingers crossed, we can actually go through with it. Between tricare drama, dealing with living in a non-base town (if i had medicaid, id say medicaid, not tricare for the billionth time!), and absolutely noone having the right equipment to do a sono on such a small baby it's been a freaking headache.

AND, i think she smiled at me. Okay, so it was probablly gas or a reflex, but i'm going to go into mommy mode and say she smiled at me!

We had a nice family weekend full of errands. I haven't quite figured out how we manage to accumulate a gazillion errands that just have to get done every weekend. I'm determined to make this up-coming weekend relaxing and fun. Friday night is date night ♥ I can't put into words how excited i am! Lia's tia (lol, it rhymes so of course i had to use the spanish!) Jasmine is going to come babysit (thank you oh so much!) and M & I are going to go have dinner at Olive Garden and then off to the movies to see Valentines Day. Anything with Taylor Swift & George Lopez was competely and utterly made just for us. It couldn't be more of a perfect match! Then, bowling on Saturday? I have free coupons, so why not? And Sunday is up in the air - it's the day of LOVE. And we're going to spend it together with baby girl. Any good ideas?  

I'm dying for the weather to warm up - all i want is a lazy picnic in the park with my loves. This winter is giving me the blues. My skin is dry, Lia's skin is dry, Manny's skin is dry. I feel horrible for making Toby go outside with his teeny little feet - but dog shoes for dachshunds? Not the easiest thing to find. And, no walks for us. Because it's way to cold out to handle anything other than walking from the door to the car.
Warm weather and sunny blue skies, where are you?

Okay, my attention is being stolen by a beautiful yet cranky little girl. She gave me a few hours of peace & quiet this morning and now she has changed her mind!

Fingers crossed i can get her to take a nap longer than 20 minutes!

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