February 2, 2010

a little behind.

Lia's doctor appt was almost a week ago, so i'm a little behind in letting ya'll know how it went.

She's a whopping 9 lbs! I knew she was getting big,  But not that big. she's growing so fast, i almost can't remember how tiny she was at birth. she's on the petite side, only 20 1/2 inches - that's at the 25% range for length, but she got it honest :) Her weight & head size are in the normal range.

The only blip in the appt was that her pediatrician heard a "click" when examining her hips. Lia's got a ultrasound appt tomorrow to see what it looks like. It could be something like hip displaysia - but let's all pray that it's really nothing!

Otherwise, baby girl is a happy and healthy one month old. She took her shot like a champ - i think it hurt me more! I swear, before i know it she's going to be crawling! She holds her head up when she's on her tummy and can turn it to the side some. She also moves her hold body when we give her tummy-time. It's so cute :-)

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