February 8, 2010


lia's huge load of laundry is in the wash. dinner is cooking away in the crock pot. lia is napping and has been for the past 2 (yes, t.w.o!) hours *knock on wood*. toby's been walked (and by walked i mean i opened the back door, he did his thing, and i opened the back door again). the living room looks decent, so does the kitchen.

is it so bad i'd really rather just daydream about how to pretty up this bland house of ugly, black-marked white walls when i should be using quiet nap time to do something productive like clean the shower and bathroom floors?

i just feel like not doing it. which is sad. and lazy, really. but i'm tired and that's not a fun thing to do. so i think instead i'll tackle the small mountain of paperwork and junk on the kitchen counter.

p.s. forgive me, babe, if i don't clean the shower today. i will do it this week. promise!

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