February 15, 2010

lazy monday.

How was everyone's Valentines weekend? Mine was absolutely splendid!

 i couldn't resist eating a few before taking pictures!

lia and her valentines ♥


It started on Friday night with my uh-maaa-zing hubby looking very handsome in his uniform at the door with a rose for each of his valentines and chocolate covered strawberries. Ooh is he good! Date night was so sweet - dinner with my loves at Olive Garden then we spent some really good quality time together reminiscing. Saturday brought lunch at the mall with a trip to Dylans Candy Bar and running just two errands. Yes, i said NO errands this weekend, but baby girl needed milk and two errands is a great improvement from the gajillion we did last weekend (: And Sunday was breakfast at home, followed by cleaning (ha, how romantic!) and then we went to M's godmothers birthday party. And now, it's Presidents Day, so we get an extra day to spend together. Woohoo!

Oh, and the necklace i posted a few blogs below was my Valentines gift. It's still in the process of being made but Manny printed out the order form and stuck in with my roses to let me know thats what i got. My love did an amazing job being my love. I can't wait to get it so i can always have my loves with me!

And for the super late update on the little lady - her leg is perfect. The doctor did the ultrasound and said everything was in the right place. Its a huge relief for us - we're so blessed to have such an amazing and healthy daughter. I just fall more in love with her every day ♥

I'm off to spend my day with the two amazing people hanging out in the living room - what we will do today, i don't know. I just am thrilled to have an extra day together!

Happy Presidents Day - if you're lucky enough to have the day off like us military folks, enjoy it. If not, enjoy it anyways, you won't get it back!

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