February 22, 2010


So i've had oh say about a handful of urls/blog names/styles this week. I apologize. I see so many inspirations and I come up with so many different things I want from this blog that my judgement got a little clouded. I took some time last night to weigh it out.

What exactly did i create this blog for?
I created it in the beginning for my family and friends, all living in different parts of the world, to be able to keep up with me and my family. To still know whats going on even with phone calls and letters don't get made.

What's its purpose?
It's purpose is to satisfy me. To be a little niche in the world for me to express things. Whether it's bug's first smiles or that pillow that I just have to have and just can't afford. Or to show off my dreams. I'd really love to learn how to sew/knit/crochet and if I ever sit down and start learning here's where I can show it off at. There's only so much the Mr can handle before tuning me out.

So my promise to myself and this blog is to stay true. Some days I feel like i'm still learning who I am. I am only 23. I think it's okay if i'm still growing. I introduce you to a little something.

Babe, i promise this is the final product. Follow the new link (: I'll stop driving you crazy ♥

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