snow day.

February 26, 2010

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Day 6
Don't you love how they cut exactly half of the tree off? I find it interesting and unique, but kind of cruel to butcher the tree like that.

Snow days are great. When you're a kid, they can be magical.
But this snow day. It sucks. M isn't here to have the day off. L is way too small to enjoy the snow. And Toby (our dachshund) refuses to go outside. Plus, L still has a cough and i'm nice and sick now too. I guess I should look on the bright side, I got my electricity back. And, a snow covered branch didn't fall on me and kill me. How terrible is that? Can you imagine walking through Central Park and a branch falls and kills you? A passerby found the man dead sometime later.

If anyone is from the tri-state area, do you watch Pix11 news? Very funny team. Every snow storm, they put a desk equipped with a phone, computer, and mini snowman outside on the street. In the snow. Poor weather guy, haha. Must be cold (:

What to do on this snow day? Snow days are meant to be cherished. Hard to do when it feels like any other day, only you're trapped indoors by snow. Maybe i'll bake cookies with my bug. And read my book. But I have a good feeling i'll finish my picking up from the past two cleaning days. I just don't think I can relax and have a good snow day if i have piles of stuff out of place.

Babe, i'm keeping my fingers crossed that you pass your test and make it home safe tonight. We ♥ and miss you!

If you're lucky enough to have a snow day with your loved ones, enjoy it!
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for aunt shell!

February 25, 2010

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thanks aunt shell,
i love my boppy pillow!

xoxo, lia
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day four and five.

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Late again, but oh well. At least the house is looking great (: Which is the reason i'm late.

Day 4 (Feb 24, 2010)
my pretty new pillow!

Day 5 (Feb 25, 2010)
scrub a dub dub, lia got clean in the tub!
i've no idea why she had her arms so straight haha.
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a day late and a dollar short.

February 24, 2010

Day 3 (Feb 23, 2010)

Bad day yesterday. Thought about cheating and using a photo from the day before, but alas in risk of sounding generic, I realized i'd only be cheating myself. So, I snapped this picture last night but didn't get around to posting it.

my entire yesterday was spent trying to make grumpy butt happy.

Back to cleaning.
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clean house.

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It's the day to clean! Not very exciting, I know. I'm ashamed to say this house has gotten. Out. Of. Control. I'm putting an end to it. Slowly, haha. but an end. It's overwhelming. When I decide I want to clean then I really want to clean. And organize and declutter and throw stuff away and have a yardsale. And, of course, no yard sales in cold weather. Which means, I need storage space for the items going into the yard sale. Aghh, you see, overwhelming!  How do you tackle your home messes?
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Bugs. Super mama cape. To-Do lists. Oh my!

February 22, 2010

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My bug is sick. She's coughy/sneezy/stuffy. She's a pint-sized germ! She's trying to be so good but I can tell she doesn't feel good. It breaks my heart every time a cough escapes that tiny mouth. Her pediatrician said it was just a viral infection and would hopefully pass on its own. I hope thats true. And soon. I don't like when "bugs" take over my own bug.

Of course, i'll have to put on my super mama cape for her. M is out of town for the week, so it's all up to me to get her back and better than ever! All I can do for her is to love on her so lovin' on her is what i'll be doing all week! That's pretty easy, I mean have you seen this baby? She. Is. Adorable.

I'm the (wo)man of the house this week. Woot! Not. I'm totally kidding, it doesn't excite me. But...I am going to take advantage by doing what I need to do that usually doesn't get done because I'd much rather spend time with M & L. So my gigando to-do list is going to get some lines through it.

Please, oh please. Self control, get a grip on me. I NEED to do these things.

By the way, for those book lovers out there, i just started reading "Handle with care" by Jodi Picoult. It. Is. Good. I'm only on the second chapter and I am hooked. You should pick it up. Along with all of her other books.

Now i'm off to be super wo(man) of the house and clean up a good part of the downstairs while bug snoozes. My reward is the new episode of One Tree Hill! I heart that its based in North Carolina (my home!).
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day 2.

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365 project.

the cat who broke the blinds (:
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So i've had oh say about a handful of urls/blog names/styles this week. I apologize. I see so many inspirations and I come up with so many different things I want from this blog that my judgement got a little clouded. I took some time last night to weigh it out.

What exactly did i create this blog for?
I created it in the beginning for my family and friends, all living in different parts of the world, to be able to keep up with me and my family. To still know whats going on even with phone calls and letters don't get made.

What's its purpose?
It's purpose is to satisfy me. To be a little niche in the world for me to express things. Whether it's bug's first smiles or that pillow that I just have to have and just can't afford. Or to show off my dreams. I'd really love to learn how to sew/knit/crochet and if I ever sit down and start learning here's where I can show it off at. There's only so much the Mr can handle before tuning me out.

So my promise to myself and this blog is to stay true. Some days I feel like i'm still learning who I am. I am only 23. I think it's okay if i'm still growing. I introduce you to a little something.

Babe, i promise this is the final product. Follow the new link (: I'll stop driving you crazy ♥
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Thanks to A Cup of Jo i learned that New York Magazine recently published 50 steps to simple happiness. Who couldn't use some easy happiness in their day?

One tip they offer is: if you see a parking cop working his or her way up the street, put a quarter into someone’s expired meter.
I love random acts of kindness. It shows that human race isn't completely hopeless yet. And, it really inspires the receiver to pass along some kindness.

My personal addition to the list would be open up the shades. Shades, blinds, curtains. Whatever it is you have (broken blinds in the V household thanks to a certain nosy cat). Let that natural light in - it's an instant pick-me up. It always a good start to get me doing what i need to do.

What would yours be?
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365 project.

February 21, 2010

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365 project is a photo project. You basically take a photo a day to capture a years worth of little moments in everyday life. Since Lia is so tiny, i thought this would be a great way to be sure to capture some of her awesome moments.

Day 1

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where does the time go?

February 18, 2010

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I know, I've been missing a few days. Did anyone miss my ramblings?

Days seem to just fly by in the V household. You'd be surpised how quick you lose time when you measure it in 3 hour feedings. Then you have a HUGE to-do list that is eating away at you and the baby is napping (for the second time today, woohoo!) and you can't tear yourself away from blogging. Bad habits, bad habits.

The house is looking more in order these days. Chipmunk is a normal member of the fam now and we're all used to her. We still learn new things all the time, but it's not so difficult to juggle things as the first few weeks. She's seven weeks now. Can you believe it? No? I can't either. She's growing so stinkin' fast. I love eating up her chubby cheeks. She's becoming quite the chunker and loves eating! Everything about her makes my day brighter - even on the cloudiest, dreariest winter day!

I'm determined to get in control of my body and health! I lost most of the baby weight right after birth and since I didn't gain much during the pregnancy, i'm sure my body looks smaller than it did pre-pregnancy. But i'm not happy with it. The few pounds are slowly creaping back on, and yes, they are only a couple of pounds but I don't want anything to do with them. I just have to learn to eat good (these days, I rarely get 3 meals a day) and stop counting M&Ms as breakfast. Thats a gigando no-no! Do other moms have this problem - I can't be the only one eating candy for breakfast, right?! I have to figure out a way to balance exercising and still getting in time with family. I know we have the weekends, but after a long day with just me and chipmunk i'm excited for M to come home and spend time with us. I can't have both though and I am thinking my health and body happiness is probablly what I should aim for. So babe, maybe i'll join the gym after all.

Now i'm off to whip this house into shape! Okay okay, I know M will call me out on that when he gets home, so i'm off to whip some part of this house into shape (:
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a valentine dessert.

February 15, 2010

Yes, I know. Valentines Day was yesterday, you're saying. But, our day didn't pan out exactly as we had planned so I made our love day dessert today.

Valentines Parfait Cupcakes
Click for recipe

I used Betty Crocker products because the recipe is from the Betty Crocker website.

1 box Devil's Food cake mix
1 can Whipped fluffy white frosting
1 cup (6 oz) semisweet or milk choc chips
2 tsps shortening
Decorating sprinkles or hearts

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Place paper baking cups in muffin/cupcake pan.
Make cake batter as directed on box. Fill pan with batter evenly.
Bake 20-25 minutes. Cool completely, then frost.
Microwave choc chips and shortening for 1 - 1 1/2 min, stirring halfway.
Drizzle over cupcakes then decorate with sprinkles or hearts.

They were a hit!
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lazy monday.

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How was everyone's Valentines weekend? Mine was absolutely splendid!

 i couldn't resist eating a few before taking pictures!

lia and her valentines ♥


It started on Friday night with my uh-maaa-zing hubby looking very handsome in his uniform at the door with a rose for each of his valentines and chocolate covered strawberries. Ooh is he good! Date night was so sweet - dinner with my loves at Olive Garden then we spent some really good quality time together reminiscing. Saturday brought lunch at the mall with a trip to Dylans Candy Bar and running just two errands. Yes, i said NO errands this weekend, but baby girl needed milk and two errands is a great improvement from the gajillion we did last weekend (: And Sunday was breakfast at home, followed by cleaning (ha, how romantic!) and then we went to M's godmothers birthday party. And now, it's Presidents Day, so we get an extra day to spend together. Woohoo!

Oh, and the necklace i posted a few blogs below was my Valentines gift. It's still in the process of being made but Manny printed out the order form and stuck in with my roses to let me know thats what i got. My love did an amazing job being my love. I can't wait to get it so i can always have my loves with me!

And for the super late update on the little lady - her leg is perfect. The doctor did the ultrasound and said everything was in the right place. Its a huge relief for us - we're so blessed to have such an amazing and healthy daughter. I just fall more in love with her every day ♥

I'm off to spend my day with the two amazing people hanging out in the living room - what we will do today, i don't know. I just am thrilled to have an extra day together!

Happy Presidents Day - if you're lucky enough to have the day off like us military folks, enjoy it. If not, enjoy it anyways, you won't get it back!
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it's friday, i'm in love.

February 12, 2010

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I'm in the midst of getting ready for Lia's ultrasound appt - i'll update everyone when it's done with. I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Happy Valentines Weekend!

Our lil valentine ♥
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February 8, 2010

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lia's huge load of laundry is in the wash. dinner is cooking away in the crock pot. lia is napping and has been for the past 2 (yes, t.w.o!) hours *knock on wood*. toby's been walked (and by walked i mean i opened the back door, he did his thing, and i opened the back door again). the living room looks decent, so does the kitchen.

is it so bad i'd really rather just daydream about how to pretty up this bland house of ugly, black-marked white walls when i should be using quiet nap time to do something productive like clean the shower and bathroom floors?

i just feel like not doing it. which is sad. and lazy, really. but i'm tired and that's not a fun thing to do. so i think instead i'll tackle the small mountain of paperwork and junk on the kitchen counter.

p.s. forgive me, babe, if i don't clean the shower today. i will do it this week. promise!
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naked baby.

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first off, look how big she has gotten!
my teeny tiny girl isn't so teeny tiny.

Lia, oh Lia! How she makes such a mess. Her clothes don't last one whole minute on her, so i've come to decide why even put clothes on her? I'll make a stockpile of blankets (oh, if only i have a base thrift store to shop at locally) and just bundle her up. Those are way easier to deal with then wet soggy clothes. And yes, it may be winter & freezing out, but our house has a heater. And a naked baby wrapped up in blankets is far warmer than a baby wearing soggy, milky clothes. Agree?

My clothes don't last long either. I don't think i've actually worn an outfit, since the day she was brought home, that she hasn't spit up on. And her spitting up isn't just the occasional milk drooling out of her mouth. It's not forceful, projectile crazy stuff - but it's enough to soak her bib and shirt and sometimes enough to land on her pants. And if i'm burping her when she does it, it ends up in her hair, nose and eyes. This baby doesn't need daily baths - she needs hourly baths!

I can't keep her clean - so i'll keep her naked.

On to other Lia-ness...
She still hasn't had her hip sono done. For now, we've got an appt for Wednesday. Fingers crossed, we can actually go through with it. Between tricare drama, dealing with living in a non-base town (if i had medicaid, id say medicaid, not tricare for the billionth time!), and absolutely noone having the right equipment to do a sono on such a small baby it's been a freaking headache.

AND, i think she smiled at me. Okay, so it was probablly gas or a reflex, but i'm going to go into mommy mode and say she smiled at me!

We had a nice family weekend full of errands. I haven't quite figured out how we manage to accumulate a gazillion errands that just have to get done every weekend. I'm determined to make this up-coming weekend relaxing and fun. Friday night is date night ♥ I can't put into words how excited i am! Lia's tia (lol, it rhymes so of course i had to use the spanish!) Jasmine is going to come babysit (thank you oh so much!) and M & I are going to go have dinner at Olive Garden and then off to the movies to see Valentines Day. Anything with Taylor Swift & George Lopez was competely and utterly made just for us. It couldn't be more of a perfect match! Then, bowling on Saturday? I have free coupons, so why not? And Sunday is up in the air - it's the day of LOVE. And we're going to spend it together with baby girl. Any good ideas?  

I'm dying for the weather to warm up - all i want is a lazy picnic in the park with my loves. This winter is giving me the blues. My skin is dry, Lia's skin is dry, Manny's skin is dry. I feel horrible for making Toby go outside with his teeny little feet - but dog shoes for dachshunds? Not the easiest thing to find. And, no walks for us. Because it's way to cold out to handle anything other than walking from the door to the car.
Warm weather and sunny blue skies, where are you?

Okay, my attention is being stolen by a beautiful yet cranky little girl. She gave me a few hours of peace & quiet this morning and now she has changed her mind!

Fingers crossed i can get her to take a nap longer than 20 minutes!
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squares of love.

February 4, 2010

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what a perfect way to carry your favorite people around!
simple & classic.
♥ it.

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February 3, 2010

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winter blues.

February 2, 2010

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Flowers on a dreary day like today could really make a girl smile.

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a little behind.

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Lia's doctor appt was almost a week ago, so i'm a little behind in letting ya'll know how it went.

She's a whopping 9 lbs! I knew she was getting big,  But not that big. she's growing so fast, i almost can't remember how tiny she was at birth. she's on the petite side, only 20 1/2 inches - that's at the 25% range for length, but she got it honest :) Her weight & head size are in the normal range.

The only blip in the appt was that her pediatrician heard a "click" when examining her hips. Lia's got a ultrasound appt tomorrow to see what it looks like. It could be something like hip displaysia - but let's all pray that it's really nothing!

Otherwise, baby girl is a happy and healthy one month old. She took her shot like a champ - i think it hurt me more! I swear, before i know it she's going to be crawling! She holds her head up when she's on her tummy and can turn it to the side some. She also moves her hold body when we give her tummy-time. It's so cute :-)
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