January 18, 2010

who says

That the military is not so, erhm, considerate (if thats the word to use) of their marines and their families.

Hence the text i just recieved from my hubbs who was at work today (it's a holiday, incase some people are at ditz as me and can easily forget that). You'd think i'd have all the 96s written on the calendar, in pencil of course. Ha! I don't have any written down, nor do i ever remember them. And i also don't write in pencil. I just scratch out :) But it's kind of fun not writing the 96 on the calendar because when the weekend rolls around and i'm fully expecting M to go back to work on monday morning, it's such a great suprise to find out we get an extra day off!

Anways, back to the aforementioned text:

M: XO just came in here and said i need a favor. I reply, what's that sir? He goes i want you and your car to be out of this lot by 10:15. I said roger that.
K: Woohoo! I love the XO!

My hubbs now has the day off instead of being the lone guy at the shop.
I'm super excited - now i can start picking up the house for the umpteenth time. For some reason, i work way better when people are around. When it's just me, L and the furkids i tend to be a bum in my pjs all day and will maybe get one teeny little thing done. Its a horrible habit i should really learn to break. Any tips?

I am now a very happy gal who will have a neat-looking house by the end of the day!

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