January 19, 2010

what a day.

You know it's going to be a interesting few hours when you get to the waiting room at the hospital and all you hear is "girl this is f**kin bull****,  i came hours early and they said first come first serve but i'm still f**kin sitting here waiting. girl, when i pee it burns like pins and needles. and girl, i only started having the urge to move my bowels 5 days ago - the surgery was a week & 1/2 ago. and girl, i can tell a full 2 minutes beforehand that i have to pass gas because it hurts so bad feelin like pins and needles."

And she was talking way too loudly for a small waiting room full of people.

Okay. For real, girl. Keep your personals PERSONAL! If you're having that many issues, i suggest you have this very inappropiate conversation with your doctor, not the entire waiting room. Thank goodness my daughter is only 3 weeks old. Not only would i not want her hearing your nasty potty mouth but i also don't want her learning all about your potty business. Not to mention those horrible manners of yours.

This lady had obviously just had a c-section. If she can't be a mature adult, how can she take care of a child? It's not my place to judge so i sincerely hope the only childish manner she has is how she acted in the waiting room.

Then there was the lady whose toddler started choking on a snack and the lady sitting beside her started laughing. Really?! You're going to laugh. The toddler was okay, but laughing?

And of course, we have the people who think that the waiting room is actually a karaoke bar in disguise. Let's all sing worse than the worst American Idol auditon in a very loud tone or just blare our music of choice on our cell phones. Yes, we all want to hear this for hours. Thanks for entertaining me, i really was dying of boredom.

You really never know whats going to happen in that hospital.

So other than that disturbing wating room saga, i had a very klutz meet mommy brain kind of afternoon. First off, todays the first day i took Lia out on my own. I manged to leave early enough to stop by the shop and get my makeup bag from M. I, of course, forgot it in his car yesterday. I'm feelin' pretty proud of myself for remembering everything but that and being ready early. I get to the shop and crap! I  realize i left the cash for parking on the windowsill at home. Now, this may not seem like a big deal until you'd have to drag a baby and her carseat out of the car to run all the way into the grocery store just for an atm. And no, obviously, we don't have a convienent drive-thru atm around here. That would just be way to simple. Luckily, M had more cash for me, so problem solved. Off to the hopsital we go. We make into the parking lot and i've pulled out the stroller and about to get Lia out when i look down. Bad news, everyone. Kristy is wearing flip flops. Even worse news, everyone. Flip flops dont match the scarf and winter coat Kristy is wearing. So i get to pay $2 for seven minutes of parking and drive back home for my shoes that i forgot and make myself  late for my appointment. Then there is the classic trip over the doorstep and attempt to catch yourself on the door mishap.

Lets hope the rest of the day improves for the sake of L having a sane mama.

Oh, and if anyone could send me an organization fairy - it would be much appreciated. A whirlwhind of new baby, two furkids, and learning how to be new parents as well as hubby/wife has left the Villa residence looking like a disaster.

I'm off to tend to my gorgeous baby girl. Today, nothing will do except mama's arms. And a bottle now that i've seen the time.

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