January 14, 2010

we're on our own.

Age: 2 weeks 1 day

Today is my first day alone with Lia! Manny went back to work this morning after my doc appt. Me and baby girl are on our own now :)

Baby girl sleeps all day, apart from feedings/diaper changes/and the random few minutes of alertness she gets. When it comes to night though - it's not so easy. Lucky for me, my Parents magazine came in the mail yesterday and it had an article on sleeping and sleep routines. We tryed one of the tips last night and it worked awesomely (if that's a word?!)! Basically we put Lia to bed around 6:30 pm when i noticed she was snoozing on the sofa. I wrapped her in her snuggleme and layed her in bed. Big suprise to us - we didn't hear a peep until around 9:30 for her feeding! She ate, got a diaper change, and went straight back to bed until about 2:30ish when i had to wake her for her feeding. After that feeding, she was a little fussy, but once i rocked her to sleep for a few minutes, back to bed she went. She slept until 6 am :) So from now on, baby girl has a bedtime of 5-7 pm. Maybe mommy and daddy will get sleep after all ;)

So, i had my wound check appt today. It went well - my incision is closed, but the doc said it looked a little red so she put me on antibiotics for a week. I have to go back next week to check the wound again, and then in a couple weeks for my postpartum. Our calendar has never seen so many doctor appts in one month in our lives. Between peds appts, clinic appts for me, dentist appts for both of us, we will be investing a lot of hours in waiting rooms! Oh, and a side note - i've lost 26 lbs since birth! I'm am so stinkin happy about that. It's a little nerve wracking to blog about my weight, but it's only gonna get better and i'm pretty sure noone but my family and close friends read this so what the heck. I'm now officially right under 200 lbs! Even though i really haven't done anything to lose the weight, having a baby seems to make it drop off, it inspires me to continue losing it. Once i'm all healed and have the a-okay to start working out. Manny and i have discussed starting a gym together, we just have to work out details like which gym and where little miss lia will stay at while we're working out. We'll figure something out. I just know i want my body to look way better than it did pre-pregnancy.

I'm adjusting to momhood a little better. The house is still a mess and i've only managed to do one load of laundry since i came home from the hospital but we're getting baby routines down. Lucky for me, i have an amazing husband who has managed to do alot more around the house than i have. He's a saint and i'm forever grateful for him! She's a pretty easy baby (woo-hoo for us!). And i learned last night that if i go to bed no later than 10 pm, it doesn't suck so bad to be up for 2 am feedings! I know...everyone says "sleep when the baby sleeps". But if you're a person who NEVER takes naps unless your sick and you feel the need to put away laundry or catch up on your blogging while the baby naps peacefully, it's very hard to get out of that routine. But i shall try - because this momma needs her sleep :)

Speaking of naps - while baby girl is still snoozing, i'm going to *try* to get some zzz's in myself!

P.S. if you haven't watched Julie & Julia, you should!

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