January 9, 2010

catching up.

There's something so inspiring about the new years. It's a time for a fresh start, for second chances. Granted, we could all just stop and restart any day of the year but something seems more promising about the first of the year. It makes me want to make a huge to-do list for the year!

And there is no better way to start off a new year than with a new baby! After 4 days of hard though not always active labor, Lia Alexyss Villa was born via c-section on Dec 29 at 5:08 pm. She weighed in at a whopping "too small for her clothes" 6 lbs 11.4 oz and 19 in. Coming from me, who was nearly 10 lbs when i was born, i expected a butterball.

I couldn't be happier with my daughter ♥ She's beautiful, amazing, such a good baby. Sometimes i just stare at her wondering how i got so lucky. I can't wait to see who she grows up to be. And on the other hand, i don't want her to grow out of this awesome "it's a huddle-cuddle kind of day" stage.

While i was re-doing my blog (i can't seem to settle on the look that is just right), i had so much flying through my head that i was planning to blog on but now it all seems to have flown out. Which works out because baby girl should be waking up soon for a feeding and a changing. Then hopefully, she'll sleep in her crib.

Age : 1 Week

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