December 30, 2010


Eskimo kisses!

The blizzard of 2010. Lia's first time playing in snow!
Taken by the hubs.

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December 29, 2010

Baby girl,
You've done so much this month. I feel like the most honored mother in the world to have been able to watch you grow and bloom into the amazing, beautiful little girl you are today.

Taken in your second week. Photography by Bri.

It doesn't seem like it was only last year I was ordering doctors into giving me a c-section because you absolutely didn't want to come out yet. We spent a week in the hospital together (four of those days you were still in my belly!). From the first moment I layed eyes on you, my world was changed (for the better) forever. Not every day is a walk in the park, but having you has made me a better person. Having you has made me the happiest I have ever been.

I look at you sometimes and I truly cannot believe how smart you are. How much you have learned. How you have 7ish teeth already (as of the last time I counted!). You feed yourself. You hold the phone to your ear and "talk". You play on your own. You walk! If the first year went by this fast, I know the rest are going to FLY!

I'm excited for you to grow up and see all the different stages and things you'll do, but it's a bittersweet goodbye to your first year.

Daddy and I love you so very much.  You have brought so much joy into our lives it's indescribable. We wish you the very happiest 1st birthday and many, many more!


Here's your latest stats:
21 lbs - Daddy lovingly calls you his little gordita , because you are quite the chunkster and you love to eat.
27-29 inches, I want to say. Honestly, I'm not positive - but we'll know when we go to your appointment soon.
Size 3 diapers.
12-18 month clothing. Some 18 month clothing.
Size 4 shoe.

Here's your latest tricks:
You like to hide toys in other toys. For Christmas, you got a ride-on toy where the seat lifts for storage. I've been finding all kinds of toys and stuff in there...

You love phones, remotes and cameras. You won't leave us alone until we give them to you!

You've been fascinated with my eyelashes. When I hold you, you'll look at them and try to touch them. Trust me, you have some long and beautiful ones yourself!

You love taking baths. But you won't sit down in them anymore. You stand up and throw toys over the side and laugh when I toss them back in for you. You still hate having your hair rinsed out after I wash it.

You officially only eat table foods!

Your favorites are cheerios, spaghetti with meat sauce, macaroni and cheese, eggs, cookies, bananas and applesauce. You'll eat some veggies and cheese and bread, but you are definitely learning how to pick around to the foods you do want to eat.

You got glasses! You do pretty well at keeping them on (unless you are bored in the car!) but mommy tends to forget them. I have to get better at that!

Oh, and when I said up there that you are walking, I mean walking. By yourself. Pretty darn steady. Without anyone coaxing you or trying to help you.

You also bend down, pick things up off the floor and stand back up without losing your balance! I was pretty proud to see that happen.

Still hating the word "no". But, we're trying to teach you "yes"!

You love to play with blocks and Fisher Price Little People and musical toys.

You had your 1st Christmas - and got totally spoiled!

You also just had your 1st blizzard (and no, not the yummy treat from DQ!). You didn't hate the snow, but I don't think you loved it very much either.

You're learning where things go and what they do. You hold a spoon when you eat and you know what to do with it, but you're still figuring out your hand-eye coordination. I've also notice you pick up random pieces of clothing around the house and try to put them on yourself. You'll pull a sock over your foot and a dress over your head. It is so cute (and amazing!) to see you learning and grasping these things.

I lurve your laugh. It's so happy and cheery and your dimples show.

We started transitioning you to whole milk. Today, we are only going to give you whole milk. No more formula! We're going to work on cutting out your middle-day bottle. And, soon, just giving you milk in your sippy cup.
Mommy is so excited to see what this next year brings..

Taken 2 days before your 1st birthday.

If I could give you some advice for your many years of growing and learning to come - it would be...
"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day."
It's not always easy, but try to look for the good in everything. It helps balance out the not-so-good and gives you a better outlook on life. And, remember, sometimes it's all about the little things! 
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the christmas post......finally!

December 28, 2010

I know I said I wouldn't be around much - but who was I kidding? If I keep my blog up-to-date, it helps un-jumble my head. Anyone else that way?

So, while L is taking a nap and it seems our house is (slowly!) on it's way to being fixed, I thought I'd post our Christmas post before it got too late and I'll be dreaming up posts of the New Year and L's birthday!

*This may be a bit of a long post*

We kicked Christmas Eve off with our new traditional dinner of spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread. Last Christmas was the day before I got induced and spaghetti is what I served for M and his family. It was my last "good" meal before L was born. In her honor, it's our new family tradition.

Then, we headed out to look for some Christmas lights. It was alot of fun - just getting into the holiday spirit and listening to Christmas songs with my loves.

If only we knew, we had a waterfall in our living room.

We got home two hours later and walked in to water gushing from upstairs through our living room ceiling fan. M rushed upstairs and found the source (our master toilet), he cut off the water and called the emergency line for our housing complex. Then, we rushed to push our furniture out the way, but it was kind of too late. Toilet water + sofas, they don't really go together.

Basically, nothing could be done at that time. We needed to let the water finish running, which it did about a half hour later. We called our friends to move the Christmas dinner from our house to theirs, put L in her new Christmas pj's and tucked her into bed. We dragged our mattress into the guest bedroom, settled ourselves in and called it a night.

We woke up on Christmas morning early, way before L. After making a couple phone calls, sending our Merry Christmas's, M and + opened our stockings then made breakfast and got L up.

We had to put gift-opening off until the carpet man came to vacuum the water out of the carpet upstairs.

So, we hung out on the stairs instead.
Finally, around 10 AM, we dug in! L wasn't sure what to do first, but she got the hang of it. Bags and tissue paper were her favorite. Oh, and she liked the cookies and Fisher Price kitchen set she received!

We all got spoiled! M's big gift was his PS3. It's safe to say that was a hit, he's been playing it everyday since! He also got a gift card and used it to order Call of Duty Black Ops, which he is happy to know arrived in the mail today. My big gifts were the Canon Rebel XL, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and Prudent Advice book. L got a dollhouse, a tea set and the Fisher Price Laugh + Learn kitchen. We have toys everywhere!

Christmas night, we went over to a friend's house and had a big get together. There was so much food and all of it was delicious. I supplied the turkey + gravy, mashed potatoes (compliments to Pioneer Woman for the delish recipe), choc. chip cookies, deviled eggs and a cake.

After a great dinner and relaxing with friends girl talk, hanging out with the husbands, going back for leftovers and keeping an eye on the 5 children running (or walking in L's case) around, we called it a night and headed home. I think we were all pretty exhausted.

Then, we got hit with a blizzard! It snowed all day. And, all night. A little bit the next day too. 

So, what does a grumpy girl do? Play in the snow!

Now, we're slowly getting back on our feet after the holidays. The toilet is fixed. The insurance claims have been forwarded to the right people. We're waiting on an electrician to double check the fan. And, we got the okay that our ceiling won't collapse and we can resume using our bedroom/bathroom again. Although, it does make me kind of nervous!

I've got to go in party mode now. I need to find something to wear to L's party - I'm gonna be looking back at these pictures for years to come and I don't want to cringe! I finished up the game-making and most of the decorating. I need to print off some photos for her garland, decorate her high chair, shop for food, make her cake and wrap her gifts. Otherwise, we're golden..ish.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I did, but I'm glad their over. I got some big ideas and wishes for the New Years. Then, I'll be counting down the days until spring. Dreaming of fun patterns, bright colors, trips to the park and these + those. Sigh.

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thankful tuesday.

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I almost forgot this weeks post!
It's been a rough few days. I'm stressed, disorganized, annoyed. I don't work well when things aren't in place and life is upside down. It's really something I should strive to improve on. It would come in handy, considering I still have to finish planning L's party on Friday.

I'm not doing very well at it, but I'm trying to make do and look on the bright side of things.

Here's what I am thankful for this week:
L turning one tomorrow.
The cinnamon + sugar candle my sister gave me for Christmas. It smells so good!
Our tree being set up in the dining room, so it and the gifts weren't ruined in the leak.
Snow. It may be a hassle, mess, and a setback but when I was down yesterday, playing in it really boosted my mood.
My new camera. I am in lurve with it.
And, my new mixer. Which I can't wait to properly try out.
Friends who are more like family and come to our rescue when we need it.
My blog - so, If I need to spill my guts or vent about things happening...I can.
My husband. He shoveled a lot of snow yesterday! And, trekked out in the mess to pick up some milk and go to the post office for me. So sweet!

Grab the button from the left side of my blog, write your own "thankful" post and link up!

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Technically L is still 11 months in these photos. But, due to circumstances beyond my control - these are the only pictures I have to post. They were taken this weekend - so she's only days from being one.

The pictures I had in mind will just have to wait...

I can't believe that Lia will be turning one. Tomorrow! This has been a great past year, even with its speed bumps. Lia has made our lives a thousand percent better and I love watching her learn and grow up.

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December 27, 2010

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Month 11

First pair of glasses!

 EEKS! I'm out of cheerios!

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military monday blog hop.

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Go...Link up...Find new blogs!

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Just popping in...

December 26, 2010

How was everyone's Christmas?

Ours was good and we were so very blessed. Lia got a ton of toys! In fact, all but four are still sitting in their boxes upstairs. M got the PS3 and I got the Prudent Advice book, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and the Canon Rebel XS. I'm loving it! Tobes got some dog treats, then proceeded to puke them back up amongst the mess of gift wrap and presents strewn around. We had a delicious dinner with some very close friends family last night and today we went to M's parents house to open gifts with them.

Now, it's snowing. Snowing since 10ish AM and it's now 6 PM on the east coast. They say it's a blizzard. I can't wait to take L out to play tomorrow!

Taken about 5 hours ago.
 I wanted to pop in because I won't be around the blog much this week.

We had a little leak big gush of water falling into our living room. Something is (apparently...) wrong with our master bathroom toilet. We left the house to go look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. When we came back about 2 hours later, water was gushing down from the fan - soaking the coffee table, floors and both sofas. It seems to be drying out now, the carpets were wet-vacuumed yesterday. But, it looks like a lot of stuff is going to be to need to be fixed and replaced. We have to wait until tomorrow to talk to the complex managers about insurance and fixing everything. Fingers crossed that it works out - and soon! L's 1st birthday party is planned for Friday (in our house!) and we have family coming from out of town.

I could be around - but it's just too stressful to wrap my head around it and try to go on normally when half of our house is damaged and out of use. But, everyone is safe and I'm sure I'll be learning quite a few life lessons from all of this.

I just have to keep my spirits up and do what I can!

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Month 10

 Meeting a new friend.

 First Thanksgiving!

 First time ever meeting Santa Claus

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