December 4, 2009

Week 36!

WEEK 36!

36 weeks preggo! It's the final stretch :)
I had my doctor appt yesterday - they did an internal exam & took blood. My cervix is still closed - lexy is snug as a bug in there for the time being. Oh, and at my last sono Lexy weighed 5lbs & 13 ozs! I'm now going to weekly ob appts and the doctor changed my NST back to 2x a week. I lost another 3 lbs in 3 weeks. The nutrionist isn't too concerned, she said with high blood pressure the body can retain water and then lose it, so that could explain the weight fluctions. Otherwise, everything seems to be good.

Wednesday was my last day of work - WOOT! It feels nice to know i have time to do things now. I don't have to try and cram everything into my day off. I managed to get the kitchen cleaned last night! Now, the rest of the house :) Hopefully, Manny & i can decorate for christmas this weekend and get a tree soon. All the presents have taken over the dining room table!

So manny and i were lucky enough to score a spot on the ice right in front of Rockefellar Center christmas tree Wednesday night! NBC was doing a special for a unit of marines that just came back from overseas and they invited local marines & their families to come to the tree lighting. It was pretty cold & rainy all night! And, of course i didn't think through my footwear and just wore flats with no tights or anything! Standing on ice in flats is not very warm ;) My feet were frozen most of the night! But we had up front seats to see Jose Felicano, Michael Buble & Aretha Franklin! Who gets to see Aretha Franklin up close? Although, we're pretty sure she lipsynced and that kinda bummed me. We unwrapped the video camera so we could get footage of the night - it was a once in a lifetime thing! The tree was huge & beautiful! So cool to see it light up that close :) Manny also got to shake hands and meet the host Zachary Levi - he's got a show on NBC (Chuck, i think?!) and is playing a role in the new Alvin & The Chimpmunks movie. He personally went around and thanked each marine he could for doing their service. I thought it was pretty nice :) All the girls were going crazy and he posed for individual pictures with all of them! It was a really cool evening and we finished it off with some very yummy nachos @ Canyon Road.

Of course, yesterday we were exhausted from all the events but it was worth it :)

For some Lexy news: we finally finished her room! Minus a rug, lamp, fixing the rocking chair, & picture frames. So, okay, not completely finished. But finished enough for her arrival! She's got enough supplies, clothes are washed & put away, bedding is washed and made!

Now i have a house full of cleaning to get to!
Only 25 days to go...

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