December 8, 2009

Round of applause...

for my black beans!
they were delicious - i mean, manny only had 3 servings ;) they were worth the onions burning my eyes :D
manny says between the breadsticks last night & the beans tonight, i'm setting the expectation bar really high for yummy-O dinners like this way more often. we'll see LOL ;-)

we went to pick out our christmas tree after dinner. man, these places get HUGE trees! and woah, some went up to $120 bucks. who seriously pays $120 bucks for a tree they can't even plant and keep forever?! not this gal. we needed something pretty but small b/c it's squishing into our small dining room with the dining room table & computer desk. and we found one - only $26 :-)
but you only get pictures after we decorate it!

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