December 22, 2009

Ohh i'm a slacker


I said i was going to get up and do something...but instead i was catching up on blogs and decided i should post one!
I had such great CVS deals to post about...but, i never did. I'll probablly post them later (once i find the reciepts b/c i absolutely won't remember what i payed for things) even though the deals are expired now.
So today makes 39 weeks! Woo! Who would have thought i'd be here already?! M is getting very antsy about L's arrival. He told the NST lady this morning that he was hoping she'd read contractions lol - he can't wait for his bundle of joy to arrive. I can't either - i'm feeling blahh lately. Just tired and like i am at the end, which i am! Time is just crawling by now though - slow as a snail.

And we got a blizzard this weekend! The snow is starting to melt, but i'm hoping it'll last long enough for me to have my first white christmas!! We got, im guessing, about 15 inches or so. It was so pretty at first, now it's dirty and shoved to the side of the roads lol. But snow is snow! Help's it feel like the holidays :)

Well, this was a small post - but i didn't have much to update, just didn't want to put off updating the blog even longer. I'll post again when something happens ;)
Only 7 (can you believe it?!?!) days left!!!

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