December 8, 2009

Oh, yum!

i had full intentions of posting how dinner came out last night with my homemade breadsticks - but the printer wasn't working to pull my pictures off of the memory card and once the printer was working i had full intentions of staying on the sofa!

it must be pregnancy, b/c unlike before i was preggers, i can totally dig into a plate of spaghetti, in fact i could even eat some now! i ate a little too much last night. it's actually nowhere near what a normal meal is - i eat way less than the norm and even then i feel stuffed like a turkey. anyways - dinner was really good. we both stuffed our faces with ceasar salad, spaghetti & meatballs, & breadsticks.

i think the breadsticks could have been a bit more flavorful but manny seemed to love them. & it was my first time ever making any kind of dough by scratch. i mean, i've screwed up pizza dough from the bag where all you add is water! so i must say i am pretty proud of myself for my accomplishment. i was going to take pictures of the process along the way - but that required a bit too much organization for me. maybe next time ;)

here's the final product - yum O!

for tonight's dinner, i'm going to attempt to make black beans according to back of the Goya can. i lovelovelove black beans. it's high-time i try to make them myself :) i'm going to cook skirt steak, yellow rice, rolls, & a salad w/tortilla strips to go with the beans.

as for lexy updates, my nst/sono were both good this morning. lexy wanted to sleep for most of the nst and had to be waken up by the nurse with a buzzer thing. she wasn't too happy about that. but after that she did her part so mommy could go home! of course, it's ob 1x wk, sono 1x wk, nst 2x wk. i'm in the hospital so much, i won't know what to do once i don't have to go anymore. the really nice nst nurse is retiring in 5 days :( now lexy & i will have to get used to a new nurse. but this nurse already understands my crazy daughter who does what she pleases once we're hooked up to the machines - so she'll be missed.

now after all of my belly aching yesterday, i managed to find a couple things to spruce up the house - just some cute $1 bulbs to throw in a pretty dish for the dining room table & some garland. i'm going to try it out on the banister in the house & if i like it, go back and get more for the banisters outside. it was only $1 too! i finished my gymboree trip i needed to make - got lexy the cutest pink high tops that look just like converse! oh my, she's going to be adorable in them! and i got all of my coupons clipped and stored and pulled out all the ones i needed for todays cvs/walgreens trip! i'm glad i got some things accomplished.

i still need to clean my house though - my parents will be here on thursday. yay!!! of course, mom, you can feel free to clean my house ;)

only 21 days to go!

oh, AND i'm technically full term today!!! 37 weeks :D although, i really feel she's going to take her time coming out - but i can't blame her, she has plenty of stubbornness to get from me and her daddy!

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