December 7, 2009

My daughter...

makes my body feel like it has food poisoining. nice, huh?

i love my darling lil girl & i love having her inside me for as long as she needs, but do ya think she could please not need any more time in there? i want to love her in my arms now! i'm not too keen on the pushing out a 7/8 lb chunker out of my body but i am ready to have normal bodily functions back.

so, it's december. & it's cold. & ABC Family has all my favorite christmas movies playing everyday. but it doesn't FEEL like the holidays. i'm sure thats partly due to the fact that i thought i had way more festive decor to spruce up the house with than what i really have. the house is bland and unfestive. i'm hoping i can find something @ the dollar store or big lots or marshalls. because, well, it's christmas & we have 2 large families & 2 spoiled furkids & a baby on the way & a non-working me & a not so large paycheck from the military. all that = a small budget! a small budget we don't manage nearly as well as we should :/ but that happens when you get married at 20 and 22 and all of a sudden you have your own money and freedom. smart choices aren't usually made. but we're living and learning. so budget christmas decor is what i'll be after!

but i still don't feel in a festive mood. i should. it's the holidays - i LOVE the holidays. and for the next couple weeks i have all the time in the world to do whatever i need to do. and i have a baby that'll be born on or around the holiday/new years. so what's my problem? no se.

i am excited about scoring 1 yr subscriptions to Good Housekeeping & Cosmopolitian for only $5 each, shipped! sweet savings for moi!
here's the link to them on amazon -

i should really stop using my amazing procrastination skills and do something. there's presents to be wrapped, gymboree trip i need to make, presents to be mailed out to germany (sorry! b/c of my before mentioned procrastination skill your presents will probablly be late), christmas cards to finish writing, a house to clean, laundry to put away (yes, still, even after putting away 5 loads yesterday), a very aggravating rocker chair to figure out how to recushion/cover, dinner to shop for and cook, a toby that could use walking, coupons to clip. *deep breath, now* you know, all the stuff that seems to accumalate when you let it.

+ i've been finding these yummy cookie recipes in my inbox that might help with the holiday spirit. and who doesn't love eating cookies?!
i'm also thinking of trying to bake a batch of homemade breadsticks for dinner and serving with spaghetti. now, i'm not my "marthastewart" sister, even if i did wish to have all of her wonderful skills :), so i could totally fool myself by thinking i can do them, but i'm going to give it a try!

i'll post an update later if they do indeed work out for me.

until then...
only 22 days to go!

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