December 24, 2009

here comes santa claus

with lexy on his sleigh!

this morning started out normal - just headed off for our NST/Clinic appt. NST went normal, so we headed down to the clinic. after waiting the appropiate hour or so, we were finally called back. we didn't see our normal doctor again, we saw another really nice lady. they checked for the heartbeat and uterus size and the doc said she'd give me 1 more week to have the baby and then they would induce me. so i got off the table and sat down beside her desk while she wrote in my chart, then she said she had to talk to someone and would be right back.

20 minutes later...
we're being told we're getting induced this week!

they wanted to induce me today, but the doctor was nice enough to put her foot down and let me have christmas at home. so saturday, dec 26 we'll be headed off to the hospital to be induced. i have to say, i did well up with some tears when they told us. i knew she was coming, obviously i've carried her for 9 months, but just knowing an exact day i'd be going into labor is scary! i doubt i'll get much good sleep before then, but i'll try :)

manny & i are busy making sure the house is all ready. i had to wash some of lexy's clothes and do the dishes and more laundry and the floor needed mopping. plus, we need to be ready for christmas tomorrow & the arrival of my family! it's been absolutely the weirdest christmas eve ever.

but i think that we're ready for the most part. i'm nervous, of course. but manny couldn't be more happier...unless she was coming today lol but i'd really rather have christmas at home!

so merry christmas to all of our families - can't wait to spend the day with you all tomorrow - and to my far away family, i can't wait until we can spend time together and you can meet our beautiful baby girl!!!

and a special note to bubba - don't you worry, we'll put her on the webcam the day she comes home so you can meet her :) she loves her blake just as much as we do! & she loves her tyler just as much as well!!!

only 2 more days to go!

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