December 16, 2009

38 weeks & still preggers...

Yup, the bun is still in the oven. Tuesday made 38 weeks - the end is so near! Not that it really feels that way though. Tomorrow is my clinic appt, maybe something will be going on. My NST & sono were good yesterday. Lexy weighs 6 lbs 10 oz. I think she's going to be smaller than we expected.

I have my hospital bag ALMOST packed :) Gotta get a few things out of the laundry and set aside some snacks and change for vending machines and a book for me, but mostly it's ready to go. Now, it's really just a game of waiting.

I can't believe christmas is next week! It doesn't feel like christmas. Firstly, i expected some snow by now - it def snowed last year before christmas. I guess manny & i are so concentrated on everything else going on that we haven't payed much attention to the holidays. We decorated, put up the tree, shopped for all the presents and wrapped most but i don't know, just doesn't feel like christmas.
I'm slowly knocking out my large to-do list - although i'm come to realize its probablly not all going to get done before Lexy arrives. But, i did finish the christmas & thank you cards - just got to get a few addresses then drop them in the mail!

So, we had our 3rd and last baby shower this past Sunday. We all had fun and enjoyed ourselves - just very tired when it was all done! We got some great gifts and what we didn't need/already had we exchanged for stuff we did need. We ended up getting her a bumbo seat w/the tray, and some halo sleep sacks. Also, we got the frog pod that holds toys in the bathtub (it's so cute!), lots of clothes and blankets. Some cute decor signs. More, of course, but my brain isn't working right now. I have to put all the gifts away this week so her room is nice and organized again! But, i think we finally have everything we need for her arrival :)

My friend sabrina is taking up photography and just got a new camera so i headed over there a couple days ago and we took some preggo pictures! She's still working with them and editing them but she did email me 2 she had finished. They look great! She's also going to take some of Lexy once she gets here - she's got great ideas for them!
37 weeks 6 days

Only 13 days to go!

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