November 13, 2009

Week 33

Week 32
Week 33

I had a blah, busy day at the hospital yesterday. I was stuck there for almost 5 hours! I'm now going for 2x weekly NST.
Lexy decided she didn't want to participate in her NST yesterday - she wanted to just move around and make it hard to trace. And then she had a horrible case of the hiccups. It took an hour to get a good tracing for the doc. But once we got it, everything looked good.
Then i went downstairs to my clinic appt. Of course, i had to wait because i was an hour late due to the NST taking me in 45 minutes after my appt. My blood pressure was good, weight was 224. I don't remember last weeks weight, but overall i've finally gained 4lbs over my prepregnancy weight. The nutrionist still isnt worried because she doesn't want me gaining alot of weight anyways. Otherwise all is good. Appts are getting very hectic to control and trying to make them all together is just aggravating. But we're almost to the end :) Oh, and the doc said Lexy was vertex (head down) on the last sono. So hopefully she stays that way! But i don't know, she seems to do what she wants when she wants LOL.
Only 46 days to go...

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