November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our family and friends! We love you all and miss those that can't be near us today!

Manny & i enjoyed a nice dinner of turkey, gravy, mashed 'tatos, deviled eggs, corn, green beans, rolls, yams w/marshmellows, & cake! Now comes the horrible cleaning part ;)

I made Toby his own special meal again this year, he loved it of course! And there's plenty leftover for him to enjoy it tomorrow too. But i think we got him used to people food, he didn't devour it as quickly as he did last year - last year he attacked it!
I think Lexy enjoyed the meal - she started a kickoff as soon as i was finished :D

Now that thanksgiving is over, i'm so ready to decorate for christmas! I can't believe this year has gone by SO fast! It still feels like it's last year at this time. I'm sure time is just going to keep flying by with christmas coming up and then Lexy's arrival!

I'm getting a little anxious - but i think it's because im not sure what to expect. All i can do is take it as it comes and hope for the best.

Here's week 35 belly shot!
I can't believe i'm this far along, i remember in the first weeks i would dream of being this pregnant, not wanting to wait until the day, and now it's actually here! The last small stretch!

Only 33 days to go...

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