November 1, 2009

Fall, Family, & Halloween...Oh, my!

It's officially the first day of November!! And no better way to start my favorite month of the year than with an extra hour of sleep :)

Lately, i feel i'm so scatterbrained and torn between work and doc appts to do much of anything. I should really ask Old Navy to cut my hours, i just haven't gotten around to doing it. 3 days a week isn't bad, but it sucks when it's for crappy shifts like 11 - 7 or 8:45 - 5:45 ...i'm getting too tired to work those long hours and only have my days off for doc appts. The house has gotten out of control and i can't remember the last time i actually cooked a nice dinner for manny & me and that makes me feel really bad.

I did get stuff done today though - lunch with a friend, a little grocery shopping, a few errands. It's nice to get that out of the way before my busy week ahead. I've got a doctor appt, an NST and a sono. I've also got to find time for a pedicure because the USMC ball is on thursday. I'm working monday, wednesday, and saturday. And after a longgg 9 hour shift on saturday, manny and i are going to an Islanders hockey game. When do i rest? LOL!

I'm ranting a'll get better once i cut my hours. And most likely i'll stop working in the beginning of december. That should give me about a month before Miss Lia makes her arrival!

Halloween was yesterday - manny, tobes, and me went apple picking again upstate with his family. It was yucky out and we all got muddy but we enjoyed ourselves and had some apples. Then we went to a park and toby LOVED running through all the leaves. The park was empty so we let him off his leash and he went CRAZY! It was so much fun for him - i just wish we could do it more often. And manny jumped into his first pile of leaves ;) LOL, i remember how much fun it was to do when i was little and manny had never done it before so i insisted he tryed it! I think he enjoyed it :) I really enjoyed watching him and toby have fun and play - i can't wait until Lia is joining in. They make me so happy ♥

Afterwards, we stopped by the mall for some Chick-Fil-A...YAY! You know i miss my chicken :) Then we rushed back to make it in time for trick or treaters. I love seeing all the costumes and i especially didn't want to miss it since i ran around 5 stores for an hour the night before hunting down candy! But, we still missed most of the trick or treaters and didn't go through all the candy. More for me ;) We still have quite a few come out though. After that, we just rented a movie and got popcorn and had a lazy night. Toby didn't like his costume much but he looked adorable! And jezzy wouldn't let me get hers on, so she watched from the screen door without a costume this year.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable weekend. Just got to get ready for the busy week ahead now!

Only 58 days to go!

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