November 15, 2009


Lexy is good! She wasn't moving a whole lot for about 1 day & a half, but she came back around and has been kicking good once again. And squishing what feels like most of her body across my stomach (so very uncomfy! which is why she does it, so manny says LOL). We tryed getting her on video tonight, but i don't think it turned out quite well. I'll post it anyways - just seem a close eye on the left side, i think thats where all the kicking went on. And excuse the belly rubbing, sometimes it takes some encouraging! We'll keep trying until we catch her. I swear, it's like she knows we're taping her so she stops!
Manny & i are good - just working and spending what time we can together. My week seems to get taken over by work and doctor appts. The last few weeks it seems the only time i have much time to do stuff is on a Sunday. But the house is starting to look like some improvement went on. All this week i am going to be very busy. Work every morning for about 6 hours, except Tues & Thurs where i'll be at the hospital with appts. And of course, i'm working friday and saturday again - so once again, Sunday is mostly the only "me/us/house" day i get. But, i think i'm going to give in my notice. I don't want to stress about hours or work or blah blah with Lexy. And i don't want to spread myself too thin - i want to enjoy being a 1st time mom. Of course, this isn't final - but it's what i'm leaning towards. And as much as i love my discount, i'd have to give it up someday unless i plan on working at Old Navy forever, which is a big fat heck no!

Toby & Jezzy are good as well. Currently chasing each other through the living/dining room. I wish i had their energy sometimes :) And of course, Jezzy felt the need to pee all over my new sofa cover. Guess it just didn't belong in our house until someone peed on it! Luckily i found out quick and threw it in the washer. Otherwise, they are just being themselves as i always say :)

So thats mostly what's going on here. Thanksgiving is coming up and i haven't prepared anything or have any ideas of what to prepare. Except a very cute cupcake idea lol. We have gotten a bit more christmas shopping done though. So we should be prepared for that! I can't believe only 2 holidays left until our baby makes her appearance! It's so soon!

And we still have 2 more baby showers left to go! My friend is throwing us one on Nov 28th, then manny's family is throwing us one on Dec 13th. I just can't believe how fast time is going by!

Only 44 days to go...

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