November 10, 2009

Big kicks!

My beautiful baby girl is finally kicking so hard you can see it just by watching my belly :) I was laying in bed last night, just bonding with her. I'd rub part of my belly then wait for the big kick off to start ;) I don't think i've enjoyed this pregnancy as much as i should have. I think it took me by surpise of how it really is - all the doctor drama, then the extra appts and all the excess testing, not getting big like i thought i would, working too long hours and just feeling overwhelmed with time. I realized last night i love being pregnant. Because for these 9 or 10 months, she's all mine. She's in my belly and i have the most control over it. I get to feel all her kicks and movements. I get to know that i have a miracle in me and i get to be a little selfish about it. I can't wait to share her with her daddy but i think i want to hole up in the house with manny and lexy and just bond. Just steal all of Lexy's moments for ourselves ♥ Of course, that won't happen - but it's a nice thought. Hopefully since i should be working less, maybe i can start to really enjoy the last few weeks of having my daughter all to myself. She's so peaceful inside my belly - just a little bit of food and rest and her daddy talking to her make her happy!

Well my sonogram is today - i'm curious to know how much she weighs and how long she is! I know she's getting big because i'm getting big. I gained 4 lbs at my last appt! I wonder if she's still breach too...i don't think she seems to be in a big hurry to make the big flip for the big day! I think she takes everything in her own time, when she's ready.

Only 49 days to go...

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