October 11, 2009

Weekly Hospital Visits

Yep, from now on i will be at the hospital once a week. The joys of pregnancy.... < i'm being sarcastic, i think it's a miracle how a body can create and nurture a baby and i'm especially glad mine can!

This pregnancy has been so different than what i had always dreamed about. But, i guess that's how its supposed to be - it just is what it is with everyone differently.

As we said before, we thought it was a girl. We went for a gender ultrasound as a suprise to mom & dad on their visit here and they said it was a girl!

The name, as everyone mostly knows already, is Lia Alexyss ♥

Ms. Lia is kicking a lot more the past week or so. And slowly but surely my belly is growing more each day.

As for my weekly hospital visits, as a precaution to my high blood pressure and high risk status, my doctor is having me have a NST (non-stress test) paired with a sono once a week. The NST tracks baby's movements and heartbeat while making sure im not having any pains or contractions. The sono will check babys growth and make sure she's weighing and measuring in the way she should and everything is still going well there.

My doc appt last week was full of stuff!
My weight has not changed - still 219. The nutrionist (who i have to see on every appt now) says she's not worried because the fundal growth matches up with my weeks of gestation. The doctor said everything looks great - babys heartbeat was 151. My blood pressure was good. Next week, i'll be going for another (and hopefully last) glucose test and they'll test for anemia at the same time. I'm dreading it, of course. I don't care about the needles anymore - i'm just tired of the nasty, sticky drink. Hopefully i can get through it fairly easy. I'll also be going for my reg OB appts every 2 weeks now. So pair that along with my weekly NST/Sono and it'll seem like all my free days are spent at the hospital.

But i guess i can't complain too much - Lia has a clean bill of health so far! My NST on Friday was GREAT. The nurses and doctor who sign off on the results kept saying how beautiful the tracings were and they wanted to hang them on the wall because thats how every baby should be tracing. Which felt great, because i didn't expect such good results! My sono also went well. The doctor there said everything looked right and was the right size. And she weights 2 lbs and 11 oz, which they said was a normal size at this time. She was breech this time around, but the doctor says baby still moves so much the position doesn't matter at this time.

The room is coming along - i just get aggravated with trying to figure out how to organize everything easily and neatly with what little space i have. I've kinda left it alone the past few weeks, just to let my mind go away from it and hopefully once i try again it'll be a fresher start.

Otherwise, everything is good. I've got to ask for less hours at work - i work 4 days again this week and they are all 8 hour shifts with 1 9 hour shift. It's getting to be alot with standing on my feet all day and then it seems my only days off, other than Sundays, are spent at the hospital. And i don't want to spend the rest of my 12 odd weeks like that.

Only 79 days to go....

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