September 3, 2009

Week 23

Here's "the belly" picture of week 23. I'm officially out of regular pants and into maternity pants. Luckily my regular shirts are still working good, for the moment.

We got the crib in the mail yesterday - i'm itching to put it together, but first we have to empty out the baby's room, paint it, steam clean all the carpets in the house, then the crib can get put together!

We also went ahead and bought the stroller - i'm still as much in love with it as when i first saw it. I just can't wait to have the baby to put in it ;)

*Baby's new ride! I LOVE this set - it has so many good things about it, including a spring the basket so no matter how the baby is sitting or laying, the basket pops down then right back up :)

I've decided to paint the baby's room white and sponge paint over it with "chilled lemonade" yellow. I still have the bedding i bought off lejeune yard sales, but i did find some ADORABLE pottery barn bedding on ebay (i'll post a pic if we wint it). Keep your fingers crossed we get it! And the rest of the room will be done with yellow accents - aunt marys yellow blanket draped across the rocking chair, a yellow lamp, a rug w/yellow in it. It will be a very charming and peaceful place for the baby to have! I'm just too excited to get it all started :)

We're getting the changing table soon and we'll be buying the wardrobe with the next paycheck.

I think it's all slowly starting to get more real for the both of us - especially with all this baby stuff invading the house - invading in a good way, that is ;)

Now onto the baby - no movement yet :( It's really kinda bumming me out, but i guess he or she will move hard enough for me to feel in it's own time. I rescheduled our sono appt for next tuesday, the 8th. Keep your fingers crossed we can see the gender! Then my next checkup is the 17th. So far everything seems to be going well - i'm tired but i feel good. I get naeusous here and there, but usually when i'm too hot and moving around alot. Luckily, the weather has changed so fast here! It doesn't get higher than mid 70s :) My favorite season is just around the corner - i can see it and feel it. And smell it, i love walking past the grocery store on the corner and when the wind blows all you can smell is the cinnamon pinecones outside! It's happiness :)

Can you believe we're down to about 18 weeks to go?!

Only 117 days to go...i still can't believe it's going by soo fast now!

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