September 17, 2009

Nothing beats this time of the year! My room smells delicously like pumpkin spice, i have the exchange holiday catalog here & i'm catching up on all my fave shows that came back - it just doesn't get much better. Unless manny was here with me :)

He's on a duty-drive run right now but should be home in an hour or so!

I had my OB appt today - ugh, i'm so tired of sitting around a waiting room for hours on end. My apt was @ 9:30, but hoping to get a headstart i showed up at 9. It did me NO good :( They didn't take me to the nurses station for weight & blood pressure until around 10 am. Then, i didn't see the doctor until a bit after 11, and didn't get to leave until 12! It's silly, because the appts don't take that long, they just can't get people in and out in a decent time. Which is why i never work on appt days, because there is no telling what will happen or when i will be done.
But - the baby's healthy. My sono was good, my blood pressure was good, i gained 4 pounds (1 lb a week lol). It looks good! I have to see the nutrionist on every visist now - just so she can keep an eye on my weight - but i personally feel better about my weight, for gaining the 4 lbs.

Baby is still kicking - i notice it more and more as the days go by. Its mostly flutters or gentle kicks - but every once in a long while, i'll get kicked hard :) As weird as they feel, i love those movements. I guess i said "kick" alot - but as manny brought up, how do we know it's not an arm? LOL!

So, we got the changing table & bedding in - we just haven't gotten a chance to put it together. And no mattress yet, so the bedding will stay packed away. We went to buy the wardrobe at Ikea a few days ago, and they are out of stock. All the ikeas in this area (NJ, Connecticut, Brooklyn) are all sold out! Shipment for them won't come back until November. I have to work on Saturday, but manny needs to go get uniforms anyways so he's going to drive down and get the wardrobe at the VA store. It's a long drive - but he's the best hubby <3 br="">
And since i am a multitasker - it took me just now to finish this and manny will be home in about 10 minutes - so i'm done for tonight!

Only 103 days to go...

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