September 9, 2009


Ms Jezabel found a new purpose for the basket from the baby shower.
She's now peacefully napping in it ontop of the kitchen table, safe away from toby :)
So, big news! The baby started kicking a few days ago!!! Manny & i were laying in bed watching tv and i felt was i call a flutter in my stomach. I thought maybe it could be the baby so i layed really still and i felt it a few more times. I told manny and he just smiled really big and wanted to feel. The baby wasn't moving hard, so i ate some toast and then layed back down and put his hand on my belly and a few minutes later we both felt a big kick! His eyes got so big and happy - it's one of the best moments of my life <3 div="">
Since then, baby doesn't kick much. Usually after i've eaten and i'm laying down. Sometimes it feels like a flutter and others it feels like the baby is kicking itself off my stomach to move around. But i love it!
We had our ultrasound yesterday. Baby V is being very stubborn and refusing to show the goods. Yesterday he/she was sitting on top of the placenta, so even though the legs were open, the placenta was blocking the view. I guess he/she really wants us to be surpised. I think we're going to try one more time, at a place out in town that does selective gender ultrasounds. We pay $50 and they look for the gender. If that doesn't work, i suppose we'll just be surpised with what it is! Otherwise, baby v is healthy and growing! The only pictures we got at the ultrasound were its arm and heart though. It wasn't feeling like showing us it's face or anything else!
We got the room all painted up last weekend - i LOVE it - it's exactly what i had in mind :) The bedding and changing table are in the mail. The crib is put together in the room. The stroller is safely in the box in the room. And we'll be buying the wardrobe next week. It's starting to come along and definitely get more real :)
I'm feeling better today - i've been kind of blah the past few days. Just tired and nauseous. But i'm not looking forward to working the next 3 days starting tomorrow.
I'm going to try to attempt to clean or at least pick up the house today and do some laundry.
The pregnancy is good - still not really gaining weight, but that's hard when most foods turn me off. Last night, the thought meat seasoning even made me naeusous. LOL, i tell manny i'm going to write a book about how my pregnancy so doesn't follow the typical pregnancy.
Manny is good - being very helpful around the house! Last night he cooked dinner since i wasn't feeling well. And he's done such a great job with the baby's room :) And running out to fix my cravings lol - last night he made a run for chocolate icecream with reese's ice cream topping. Then another one for popcorn :)
Toby & Jezzy are good - both just had their checkups. Toby just has to go back in November for vaccines. They are a handful, but good!
Fall is almost here :) Only 2 weeks to go!
And only 111 days to go...

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