August 7, 2009

It's so amazing ♥

We had our ultrasound today!
It was absolutely amazing :) It made everything seem REAL! It's so reassuring now, and i feel like i have a baby growing inside me instead of just thinking i'm pregnant lol.

I haven't felt the baby move yet - but boy does it move!!!

But first - everyone wants to know about the sex ;) I can't say it's 100% sure, b/c the baby is still small (the doc said it measures at about 18-19 weeks, and according to my calculations i'm 19 weeks 4 days) and even though the baby spread it's legs, we got the back view with the butt sticking out at us.
So again, it's not 100% but both techs said they thought it was probablly a....GIRL!!!!

I really thought it was a boy, but now after the ultrasound, i do feel like it's a girl. And she was plenty dramatic with her hand on her head most of the time like she was saying "woe is me" lol :)

It was too cute. And wow, baby moved sooo much - i didn't realize it was moving like that, but it's a good sign. Very active!
And plenty of personality early on! I saw her eating ( fluid, i guess lol), distinctly pointing at something with 1 finger on 1 hand - it was so crazy seeing her point lol like an adult! I also got a couple butt views - baby mooning us already can't be a good sign haha. And once, when the tech was trying to get a view of the top of her head to see inside it, i guess the vibrations were too loud for such little ears because she covered up her ears with her hands! That was the cutest of all!

And then, just when daddy got to come in (sadly, they did almost the whole thing before they let manny back in the room, he only got to see a couple minutes of the action) she turned and looked directly at the camera! It was the best shot ever, and it appears to be a smile going on :) Daddy's little girl already ♥

The tech said everything looked great, and even for the small size she got all the pictures of the anatomy she needed, even some she wasn't sure she could get because of the size. Although it took over an hour lol - baby wanted to move way too much - it was so funny! My laughing probablly didn't help that situation either lol.

So we have a healthy, happy, active baby which we think will be a girl LOL!
I add in the "think" just to be safe, but it's probablly a girl. We saw nothing between the legs from the view we got!

And our baby girl will be named Lia Alexyss ♥
After the most amazing little girl in heaven!

Only 144 days to go...

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