August 4, 2009

Ideas for the baby room :)

So, if any one is curious on what we're thinking about for the babys room then here's some ideas :D

Manny & i were walking around Ikea last night and found some really cute baby room stuff!

Here's the 2 duvets we really liked - and the blue elephant one also comes in pink.

We also found some really cute curtains, but i can't find them online.

And since the baby room closest is stuffed with our stuff, we're going to buy a wardrobe for the baby and we found a very big one for a good price at Ikea :) The only issue is that it's got that white-washed look to it, so i have to decide on a good color of other furniture bc i feel plain white isn't going to look right with the white washed look.

But maybe that's just me ;)

Only 147 days to go...

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