August 20, 2009

Doctor appt & Baby room

I had my regular OB checkup today. It was actually one of the best ones, i really feel like the pregnancy is going on a good track now! My blood pressure looked good, even though i still need to take the medicine. My urine and blood tests came back normal. As far as my sono, she said the good news is that they didn't find any problems, the bad news is that they didn't tell her enough info. So i don't know if they have to look for more info or if the sono dept just didn't send the right info over. Anyhow, i'm going for another sono on Sept 1st, which i'm thrilled about! I love spending that time seeing the baby and how unique he or she is. And hopefully, i'll get a better look at the parts and we can know whether we need pink or blue ;) I asked about my weight, since i'm still 215, but the doc said it's normal with morning sickness in the beginning to lose weight and my uterus and the baby are still tiny. But i did gain 1/2 lb in a month so she's glad i'm not still losing it. She said i should start gaining weight soon, once my uterus starts getting even bigger. But she does want me to stay on the lower end of weight gain b/c of my weight now. All in all, everything is good, im told to just keep doing what i'm doing. And i don't have to go back for another 4 weeks, which is a good change from going every week or 2!

And for the really fun stuff :)
I think we've finally figured out most of the details of the nursery!
We're going to paint the bottom of the room blue and the top white & yellow stripes.
And i found some matching bedding on ebay from Pottery Barn Kids. It's blue OR yellow, whichever one we decide on, the skirt is striped and the duvet is floral on 1 side and striped on the other. And im going to get a white bumper and white sheets.
I'm going to paint the rocking chair my mom gave me and buy a new cushion for it.

Here's the crib, changing table, & wardrobe:

And a funny little tidbit - all i want lately is salads w/ranch dressing & mashed potatoes :)
Only 131 days to go...

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