August 14, 2009


So manny and i went out to the city last night for a show at Webster Hall (the club/concert venue that manny's brother works at). Well he so nicely and awesomely got us in to the show and upstairs in the balcony so i wouldn't get pushed around.

The show was AWESOME. The opening band was Parachute & the main band was The Script - both were great. Better than i expected :) Even manny enjoyed them, and they aren't usually his type of music. But i had so much fun - it was so nice going out and enjoying something. We never take advantage of the city like that. And the venue was a really old, really cool building. And at one point on the balcony, i was only a few feet away from Parachute :D

Before the show started, we were just strolling around the block and i wanted to go into a thrift shop. I've never been in an NYC thrift shop - they are very cool :) The furniture was very expensive lol but still very cool. It was all antique things. I did come across this childrens book that was printed in 1963. It's a christmas book, and i thought it would be fun to start a tradition of reading that book to the baby every christmas. So i picked it up and payed .54 cents for it :) This one is no longer in print, i think. But today when i sat down and really looked at it, i realized its missing a few end pages - but i can probablly make up the rest lol. It just looked like such a cute story :) And maybe i'll find another thing like it, i really want to check out the thrift stores in the city before we leave.

I still haven't felt the baby move :( At least, i don't think i have. I thought for sure he/she would make some movement last night with the noise, but nope lol. Stubborn ;) Baby is completely acting like mommy & daddy already haha. My next OB appt is on Thursday the 20th. Hopefully everything will still look good and maybe they will tell me when my next ultrasound is.

Thats it for now...i'm very tired!
Only 137 days to go...

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