July 31, 2009

Yesterday's OB appt

So yesterday was my 1st high risk OB appt, and it wasn't much different than the others. I saw the same nurse practioner that i saw my very first time at the hospital. She thinks that some of my high blood pressure might have to do with the machines, so from now on, i'll ask for a manual reading. Yesterday the machine reading was 126 over something, and the nurse taking it said it was okay b/c i was on meds for it, but the doctor had another nurse take it manually and it was 110 over something. So she says next visit maybe they'll do something about the dosage of my meds, and i'm assuming she means lower the dosage.
As far as my 24 hr urine catch for protein, i failed to produce enough urine LOL. Who would have thought a pregnant lady had a problem doing that. So that catch was basically useless and i have to do it again this Sunday, and when i take it in on Monday they'll also take some blood with it to check my liver or enzymes maybe? I don't exactly remember what they said, but i think it's just to see where they are now - not a test b/c something is wrong.
I also had an EKG done yesterday - the doc said that was just to see what it looked like now, bc of being high risk and high blood pressure, in case i came in complaining of chest pains they'd have a "before" EKG to compare it too. I think the hospital likes to be prepared for things, i'm not sure.
I have my ultrasound on Thursday, although manny needs me to try and change the appt. And then i go back in 2 weeks for another OB appt.
The baby seems fine, heartbeat of 154, i think. Still in the same area. And they tryed measuring my uterus with a tape measure but it's still a little too small. I guess i'll be a late bloomer (:

7 days until we find out if we're Team Boy or Team Girl (:
151 days to go...

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