July 23, 2009

OB appt

17 weeks.

So i had my o/b appt today to discuss the results of some testing i had done.
My glucose test came back negative - no diabetes!
And my quad screen genetic test came back normal as well :)

However, the doctors are putting me in the high risk clinic to keep an eye on things. Since my previous doctor said i had the antibodies issue and the doctors now say i have high blood pressure, they want to make sure they keep everything under control and have a close watch on me.

I'm now being put on more folic acid and blood pressure medicine. They'll also be checking my urine for protein. And i have to watch my salt intake.

Hopefully i do not have preclampsia, i just read about it and it looks SCARY!

It looks like i'll see the doctors more often than with a normal pregnancy. But whatever it takes to have a healthy baby, then thats what i have to do.

My next appt is on Thursday, at the high risk clinic. I do not know what exactly they will do - but i'm hoping it's nothing bad and it'll be a good, easy appt.

Anyways, for now lets just hope for good news!

159 days to go...

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