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May 2, 2009

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Since dinner is delayed b/c manny is running to the store for cheese since i didn't realize we were out of..i guess i'll post an update :)

Lets see...
Jezzy had her cast replaced last week and it went well. She goes in again next thursday for another cast change. Then she'll just have 6 more weeks, i believe. She's good, getting restless int the laundry room for sure but there's nothing i can do about that. For some reason, she peed on the floor today instead of the litter box. And she keeps kicking the poop out of the box onto the floor. I'm so ready for her regular litter box that never makes a mess!

Toby is good too. He spends his day dragging out countless toys to just leave them laying around. And when i pick them up and put them away, he goes and pulls them all out again and leaves them laying around LOL.

Manny is good but busy! He's going to Camp Lejeuene for training next Sunday and will be back the following saturday, and tomorrow he's going somewhere upstate NY (i think) to play paintball with his brothers and some other guys. And next saturday, he got chosen to be in the colorguard for an event at Ellis Island! I'm so proud of him - i'm hoping i can make it to see him.
Today is the last full day i have with him before he leaves for a week.
He's looking good these days - he even has to have his blues taken in for the event! He's done so well with the weight loss :)

I'm doing good too. I switched positions at work. I'm now customer service, which is what i was originally hired for anyways. Mainly i'm just doing cash registers. No more 4:30 am wakeups! Which is nice! And i don't mind too much coming home at 5 or 6 at night, which is what my shifts have been lately. Im not crazy about working on saturdays again though!

I don't think anything else is going on. Mostly the same ole stuff.
Until something more exciting happens, i'm done with this post!

& Manny should be home soon with the cheese ;)
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