April 8, 2009

Broken legs, Cupcakes & Fears

So much has happened in the past week or so...
BTW- these are not in order or importance, jezzy is by far the most important!

Firstly, the new blog! I know, i know - i'm driving you all crazy with new blog sites. I really wasn't liking the setup of the other one, plus i really wanted the (free!!!) prints i got for making it ;) This one should be final - i think!

Secondly, Jezabel broke her leg. Pretty badly. We don't know when, why or how, just that we noticed she was limping on sunday afternoon and i took her to the vet monday afternoon. The doctor said to bring her back on wednesday (today) for xrays, and he confirmed an hour or so ago she definietly broke her leg, very close to the joint. She really needs surgery to put pin in her legs, but $2,000 doesn't generally just lay around in our bank accounts, especially after buying a new car. So, for now, she's going to have a splint put on for 10 weeks. And for the 10 weeks, she has to be calm and still and can not be around Toby. Neither of them will like that very much - those 2 are best friends and love playing together! Which is probablly how the broken leg came about in the first place. So, it won't be fun times or cheap times in the Villa household for the next 3 months. I think after all this though i'll be looking for a new vet. We pay for a monthly wellness plan at PetSmart, and all that money is gone now and won't go towards her xray bills or splints. And they want to change the splint like every 10 days. Its just so much for a cat.

Thirdly, Jezzy turns 1 tomorrow! Won't be much of a happy birthday for her, but i'll be sure to load her up on treats, and set up the spare bedroom just for her. So she'll have lots of room away from Toby, and i'll have the laundry room back.

Lastly, i made cupcakes for a birthday party. I've made cupcakes before, but theses actually had to look good - haha :) I just did pillsbury, but everyone loved them and they turned out cute - i'll post pics below. I also made cupcakes for mannys birthday yesterday, those were pillsbury too, but i homemade the icing and topped them with strawberries. I'll put those pics up too - i thought they looked great! And manny thought they tasted great, lol.

Other than tons of baking and the broken leg things are pretty normal. The weather is crazy - it was 70 and beautiful on Sunday and today is cold and apparently some snowflakes fell at one point. It's no wonder im sick - again. I believe it's a sinus infection, yay me. Work is busy - i worked Mon through Fri last week, and stayed late every day i worked. And this week is the opposite - i'm either too sick to make it or too sick to stay the full shift. Hopefully i'll get better after i go to the doctors tomorrow. Manny is doing good. He made his goal weight - 185lbs. I'm so PROUD of him! Toby is fine as well, bored without jezzy around, and chewing through my underwear he finds within reach, but thats not new.

Oh, these past few days i've also been trying to conquer my fears!
I joined a gym - sadly only used it once this week, but its honestly b/c i'm sick! Can't wait to not be sick again. But i did join on Sunday, and i'm going alone mostly. And i don't mind, not like i thought i would. I'm just proud of myself for walking in and saying i want to join, and i went on Monday alone and was happy with myself for going.
Im also dealing with my fears of doctors and going tomorrow for my sinus infection.
And, i'm driving for up here! I love my new car so i want to take it everywhere. But i'm taking the parkway sometimes, which i haven't done ever, i was too scared when we first moved here. And i also drove back home from the Bronx saturday night - that made me feel good, that i accomplished something i never thought i would!

I guess for the first time, i feel more like i'm living in LI, instead of just being here. Even though i'm still not crazy about it, i'm glad i'm doing more and trying to not be so fearful of new things.

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